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Commercial Awareness

How Meta’s Business Has Been Impacted by Apple

Jaspreet discusses the effect of Apple’s new privacy policy on Meta’s ad revenue and overall business model.

The Rise of AI: Impact, Regulation and Ethical Considerations

In this article, Bethany Seed analyses the ethical and legal implications of utilising AI and its impact on the legal industry, along with other technology industry updates.

Adidas May Be Predicting Its First Annual Loss In 31 Years

Disclaimer: This article is written by Oundo Nancy. Any views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the writers and do not necessarily reflect […]

FIFA Generates $2.96 Billion in Broadcast Income for 2022, Fuelled by World Cup Media Rights Deals in Qatar

Here Nadia Bartlewska examines the World Cup’s impact on FIFA’s broadcast revenue, the factors that contributed to its success, and the economic significance of this achievement, and this will provide an explanation for the financial success of the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

The Next Era of China’s IPO Regime: Has the ‘Crackdown’ Ended?

Oscar breaks down the concept of initial public offerings, focusing on China’s recent regulatory restrictions on international listings and IPOs.

Peaks and Troughs: A Forecast for the Car Industry in 2023

In this article, Melissa Croxford analyses the recent developments in the car industry and considers trends that may emerge in 2023.

How is the UK coping with the rise of interest rates? A deep scope into the impacts on households and businesses in 2023

In this article, Simran Bhuhi discusses the possible implications and effects of inflation and the increase in interest rates.

Magic Circle Law Firm, Allen & Overy, Introduces AI Chatbot

In the context of law firm Allen & Overy’s recent development in AI, Tamia explores the growth of AI systems in the legal sector.

The Collapse of BlockFi

In this article, Sameer Chowdhry explores the recent failure of BlockFi and the implications of its collapse.

The Future of Currencies in International Trade

Vinita analyses the dominance of the US dollar in international trade and the shifting trends in the global economy.

Net Zero by 2050 – Fact or Fiction?

In this article, Bethany Seed considers the challenge of reaching net zero and the efforts that are being undertaken to achieve this goal, while analysing how the fast-fashion and aviation industries are impacting this target.

A Look at Apple

Timothy analyses Apple’s post-Covid strategy to enhance its market value and the potential implications of its plans.

Landmark Environmental Judgments and their Impact on Industries

In this article, Lauren Bryant considers two recent landmark environmental judgments, their long-term impact, and the broader influence of environmental protection laws on commercial industries.

M&A Deals: A Record Fall in 2022, Will It Resurge in 2023?

Sasha discusses the decline in M&A deals in 2022 owing to economic uncertainty and inflation and examines the potential trends in 2023.

ESG Shareholder Activism: Watch This Space

Niki breaks down the concept of shareholder activism by looking at key cases and the broader commercial implications of this on law firms and clients.

How are the big banks doing? A closer look at current developments in the banking industry 

In this article, Ralitsa Stancheva examines the recent notable developments in the banking industry, focusing on the large UK and international banks.

Who governs the sea? How the British government fails to control the shipping industry in a crisis

In this article, Melissa Croxford analyses the challenges facing the shipping industry, from an international and domestic perspective.

Amazon: The Blueprint for Compliance With the Digital Markets Act

Zahra breaks down Amazon’s solutions to soften antitrust concerns and comply with the EU’s Digital Markets Act and the repercussions of this on Big Tech.

Why Life Sciences Are Presenting an Opportunity for Real Estate

Jaspreet explores the impacts of the life sciences sector on commercial real estate post-pandemic.

Tesco Faces Landmark Lawsuit by Factory Workers in Thailand

Tamia provides an account of the recent lawsuit brought by workers from VK Garment Factory in Thailand against Tesco on the grounds of negligence and unjust enrichment.

The Current Crypto Crisis

In this article, Bethany Seed considers the recent updates surrounding FTX and what its fall means for the cryptocurrency industry.

Structured Finance and Derivatives News – Collateralised Fund Obligations and FX Swaps

In this article, Christopher Green analyses recent updates relating to both collateralised fund obligations and FX swaps.

Primark Set to Open Four New Stores: Is Retail Recovering?

In this article, Rhiya Vaidya explores Primark’s growth, the performance of retailers generally, and how lawyers may play a role in the retail industry.

What is Cybersecurity?

In this article, Lauren Bryant describes what cyber security is, while also exploring recent cyber attacks, major types of cyber security and threats, relevant legislation, and the future of cyber security.

Accounting Regulation and Reform: FTX Collapse

Focusing on FTX’s recent collapse, Oscar examines accounting laws in the UK and what has been and could be done to reform them.

The City of London After the EU: The Effect of Brexit on the UK’s Financial Services Industry

Shaun analyses the City of London’s longstanding domination of financial services in Europe and the EU’s attempts to shape and strengthen its own financial hub post-Brexit.

Meta Lays Off 13% of Its Employees

Samirah examines Meta’s recent employee layoffs in its attempts to enhance efficiency.

US Chip Export Restrictions

In this article, Christopher Green considers the reasons for and the impact of the US export controls on the chip market, along with the wider picture of protectionism and trade wars.

The effects of the Bank of England increasing interest rates

In this article, Sameer Chowdhry outlines the effects of the Bank of England increasing interest rates and the implications for law firms.

Book Recommendations for Law Students

In this article, Nicola Gatfield shares her selection of must-read books for law students and aspiring lawyers.

Economic Chaos Around the World. Need of the Hour: New Mechanisms for Maintaining Law and Order

Vinita provides an overview of the global economy’s state post-Covid and what steps could be taken to improve it.

Bad Week for Big Tech

In this article, Bethany Seed considers the challenges facing the Big Tech industry. These include the sinking stock prices, the regulation of Big Tech companies in the financial services sector, and the introduction of the Digital Markets Act 2022.

The UK Consumer Confidence Drop

Ines examines the notion of consumer confidence and its decline in the UK.

The UK as a Cashless Society: Can We Really Make It Work?

Katie discusses the potential for the UK to be a cashless society and the effects of this transformation.

How Will Crypto and F1’s relationship Turn Out?

Hanna explores the relationship between F1 and cryptocurrency and the broader implications for cryptocurrency firms concerning sports deals.

Talent and Tech: How the Big Four Are Shaking Up Big Law

Will examines the Big Four’s efforts in entering and transforming the legal market in two ways: via talent and technology.

Beginning of the End? The Future of the UK Technology Sector Needs a Dire Revival

Zahra discusses Scheider Electricals’ takeover of AVEVA Group and its broader meaning for the UK.

The UK’s Financial Conduct Authority – What is Currently Worth Knowing?

In this article, Ralitsa Stancheva analyses the recent updates concerning the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority, while considering why the UK heads the list of the world’s preferred regulatory regimes for financial services.

Commercial Awareness: What is it?

In this article, Ola Alice discusses the importance of being commercially aware and shares some ways for students to improve their commercial awareness.

Chinese Property Crisis

In this article, Christopher Green analyses the causes, the consequences and the bigger picture of China’s spiralling property sector.

The Consequences for Boeing’s 737 MAX Crashes

Hanna provides a helpful breakdown of the safety issues surrounding the Boeing 737 aircraft and the impacts of their disclosure.

How Can Green Leases Help Decarbonise the Built Environment?

In this article, Jaspreet discusses the concept of green leases and their benefits and downsides.

Enter the City, Enter the British Inter-University Commercial Awareness Competition (BIUCAC 2022)!

Denis Viskovich, a former City lawyer and visiting lecturer, explains how BIUCAC 2022 aims to level the playing field and help students from non-Russell Group universities gain training contracts at leading City law firms

UK Criminal Barristers’ Go On Strike – Why? What Is the Strike’s Relationship With the Cost of Living Crisis? How Much Do They Earn?

Vanessa explores the indefinite strike called by UK criminal Barristers and the factors leading up to it.

Removing the Bankers’ Bonus Cap

In this article, Alina Kazmi evaluates the recent decision by the Chancellor of the Exchequer to scrap the bankers’ bonus cap.

The SRA Puts Their Foot Down on Sexual Misconduct by Solicitors

Tamia explores the SRA’s recent crackdown on sexual misconduct by solicitors.

A Guide to Commercial Awareness

Shefali explores what the term ‘commercial awareness’ really means and provides valuable tips for how you can develop it.

What is Stamp Duty and How Much Do Different Households Pay?

When you’re buying a house, there’s a whole lot of jargon to wrap your head around. When you’re a lawyer working on a property dispute or […]

Current Affairs Questions

In this article, Imaan Siddiqui shares some advice on answering application and interview questions based on current affairs.

How to Boost your Commercial Awareness

In this article, Leah Minett shares some advice for students looking to become more commercially aware.

Impact of the Semiconductor Shortage on the Automotive Industry

In this article, Namrata Ranpuria analyses the semiconductor chip shortage and its impact on the automotive industry. This includes the cause of the shortage, the effect, and what is next.

Interview with Jess Burton, a future trainee solicitor at Linklaters

In this article, Gabrielle Long interviews Jess Burton, a future trainee solicitor at Linklaters. Jess discusses why she decided to complete her training contract at Linklaters, advice on converting vacation schemes to training contracts, as well as some useful resources for improving your commercial awareness!

Is There a Future for the BNPL Model as the Cost of Living Rockets?

Karolina explores the relationship between the cost of living crisis and the Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) market.

An ever-increasing chaos? A closer look at the UK’s transport industry

Ralitsa Stancheva analyses the key recent developments in the UK’s transport industry, covering aspects such as fuel prices, public transport strikes, labour shortages, and spaceflights.

Disney Overtakes Netflix in Subscribers

Samirah examines the most recent development in the streaming wars – Disney Plus surpassing Netflix in the number of subscribers.

How Is the Insurance Industry Navigating Increasing Inflation Rates?

In this article, Lauren Bryant considers the impact of the increasing inflation rates on the insurance industry. Both the risks facing the industry are considered, along with methods to mitigate the impact of inflationary pressures.

The Impacts of the Oil and Gas Windfall Tax

Georgia explores the repercussions of the recent oil and gas windfall tax imposed by the UK Government.

Kellogg’s Loses HFSS Court Battle

Hanna breaks down Kellogg’s loss against the UK government in the recent High Court case concerning foods high in fat, salt and sugar (HFSS).

What Impacts Are the Rising Energy Prices Having for the Green Energy Transition?

Jaspreet discusses the repercussions of rising energy prices.

How to benefit from The Legal Cheek Virtual Vacation Schemes

The Legal Cheek Virtual Vacation Scheme takes place three times a year. In this article, Friyana Guzder shares her top tips to help students make the most of the event.

Inflation and the 2022 United Kingdom Railway Strike

Vanessa reviews the relationship between the recent rail strikes in the UK and inflation.

Why Is an Online Sales Tax a Bad Idea?

Focusing on a recent consultation document, Tamia considers the negative impacts of a potential online sales tax in the UK.

Tesla CEO Bid $43 Billion For Twitter but Was Faced With a Bitter Pill to Swallow

Tamia reviews Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s initial offer to purchase Twitter.

Windfall Tax – the impact of windfall tax on energy companies and customers in the current climate

Nicole Ergis explores the impact of the windfall tax on energy companies and customers, covering the advantages, disadvantages and legal issues.

Is Warehousing Giant Prologis Buying Duke Realty?

Samirah evaluates Prologis’ recent offer to buy its rival, Duke Realty, for $26 billion.

Ford to Go Electric by 2030

Samirah examines Ford’s plan to go electric in Europe by 2030 and its repercussions.

A Green Industrial Revolution

Isabella discusses the government’s new Building Regulations and their potential impacts.

Northern Ireland – What is Happening?

Eunice breaks down and discusses the Northern Ireland Protocol, introduced in the Brexit withdrawal agreement.

What Can Klarna Teach Us About the BNPL Market?

Hanna examines the growth of the BNPL sector in light of the pandemic.

The Effect of NFTs and the Metaverse on the World Economy

Vinita discusses the rise of the digital economy following COVID-19, namely the impact of NFTs and the metaverse on the global economy.

Law of Torts: Privacy Law and the Press

Article by Afeefa Salehmohamed Since Bloomberg lost a case in the Supreme Court relating to Privacy laws, there are rumours about regression of privacy laws in […]

Meta shares plummet

Article by Trinity Batt In early February, Meta shares fell by 26.4 percent, representing over $230 billion of the company’s total market value. This is not […]

Building Commercial Awareness

In this article, Imaan Fatima discusses the importance of commercial awareness and how aspiring lawyers can become more commercially aware.

Intel Corp Buys Tower Semiconductor For $5.4 Billion

Samirah breaks down Intel’s acquisition of Tower Semiconductor in light of the global chip shortage.

China: The International Heavyweight

Isabella analyses China’s economic and political influence on the international stage in recent years.

Interview with Amelia Mah, a Trainee Solicitor at CMS

In this article, Gabrielle Long interviews Amelia Mah, a trainee solicitor at CMS. Amelia discusses why she chose to complete her training contract at CMS, the highlight of her training contract so far and her experiences working remotely, as well as why she founded her blog, See Through Law, in 2019.

Blockchain: A Cure-All for Countries’ Biggest Woe, COVID-19 and Keeping the Motion of Globalisation Going?

Eunice discusses the development of blockchain technology and how it has been impacted by COVID-19.

The Ugly Side of Online Matchmaking: How Trademark Infringements and Exorbitant Legal Fees Maintain Match Group’s Dominance

Will discusses Match Group’s recent trademark infringement lawsuit against Muzmatch and the obstacles standing in the way of successfully bringing counterclaims in such cases.

Tencent’s Investment in Monzo: Considerations, Threats and Impacts

Hanna Bajwa discusses Tencent’s investment in Monzo and its broader implications for the UK.

How to create a universe without moving pictures, an improvised guide by Meta

Article by Paola Lindo Now that the world remains patiently watching after being left aghast by Mark Zuckerberg’s attempt at human-to-human communication in his Metaverse 101 […]

Telemedicine: the rise, the risks and the regulation

Article by Olivia Wilson What is telemedicine? The term telemedicine refers to the use of telecommunication and information technology to provide medical services remotely. This can […]

Brexit, “The Vid” and the Driver Shortage

Article by Elizabeth Adeogun What is the crisis with lorry drivers? Over the last few months there was a shortage of lorry drivers in the UK […]

Shell dropping “Royal Dutch” to be part of “Royal England”?

Eunice Foo discusses Royal Dutch Shell’s shareholders’ decision to change its tax structure and move headquarters to the UK and its impact on companies with similar business models and law firms.

Are you keeping track of the latest UK trade agreements?

Ralitsa Stancheva outlines the recent trade agreements that the UK has established and analyses the impact of these developments.

The lights are off, but people ARE at home!

It is quite normal for around 13 energy providers to fail each year. But as you will already know 2021 is not a normal year. Since […]

The Next Generation of Crimes: Cryptocurrency Frauds

Cryptocurrency fraud is on the rise. Vinita discusses how this comes about and what we can do to curb it.

Inflation – staying or going?

Inflation – staying or going? Inflation. Until recently I’ve not known much about it. Well, apart from that I didn’t like it. Not too much of […]

Compliance: Charges, Fines, and Settlements Across Different Industries

In this article, Ralitsa Stancheva analyses the notable developments in compliance, across a variety of sectors, including banking, technology, and oil.

Toshiba’s three-way split and how it affects its stakeholders

The Japanese conglomerate, Toshiba, made headlines this week with its plan to split the company three-ways. The plan comes as a result of being tarnished with […]

AI Development within the Life Sciences Sector

In this article, Alina Kazmi considers the opportunities, challenges, and legal uncertainties of AI in the life science sector.

Norway – Norges Bank to Raise Interest Rates to ‘Normalize’ Economy

The central bank of Norway, Norges Bank, has decided to increase interest rates in September this year to balance financial imbalances from long periods of low interest rates and speed up the return to normal output and employment levels.

Elon – watch out. Polestar IPO valued at $20 billion

The Deal The electric-carmaker, Polestar, is set to go public through a merger with Gores Guggenheim Inc via SPAC deal. Whilst the Swedish company have declined […]

Solicitors’ lives outside of the profession

The Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal (SDT) recently warned that the private lives of solicitors ‘cannot be completely disregarded’ and that tribunal panels should be audacious when upholding […]

National Insurance Increase – “The right, the fair and the reasonable”?

Chloe Pearson discusses the repercussions of the government’s announcement that from April 2022, individuals and businesses will have an increased tax liability as NI is set to incur a 1.25 per cent increase.

British Inter-University Commercial Awareness Competition – the largest commercial awareness competition for law students in the UK!

BIUCAC 2021  BIUCAC 2021 is a major national competition seeking to highlight what is seldom taught in the lecture room – Legal Commercial Awareness. Legal Commercial […]

North Sea Link: Linking for Combined Success

Written by Alina Kazmi Offshore wind power energy refers to the energy taken from the force of the winds out at sea, before being transformed into […]

Will leaving lockdown stunt Amazon’s growth?

Article by Hyelim Park The Covid-19 pandemic has undoubtedly strengthened and accelerated the growth of Amazon’s revenues as people became more reliant on online retailers. Under […]

Electric Vehicles: Are they the Future of the Automative Industry?

Article written by Alina Kazmi Introduction Electric Vehicles (EV) are perceived as one of the key solutions for the UK, to reach a net-zero economy by […]

Private Equity and the Buyout of British Businesses

Article by Dimitrios Galatas Britain has been the heart of the world’s financial markets and global financial activity for centuries, providing essential lending and investment services […]

The draft online safety bill: five things you need to know

Article by Erin Miller Described as a ‘power grab’, ‘a censor’s charter’ and a Bill of ‘real constitutional significance’, three months have now passed since the […]

Artificial Intelligence in the Field of Law

The development of artificial intelligence has impacted various fields immensely by increasing efficiency and causing concern about its ethical implications. How does its growth affect legal professionals?

What should businesses prioritise: social responsibility vs commercial interests?

Article by Hyelim Park The debate regarding social responsibility versus commercial interests has persisted for decades. However, this issue has become more important than ever as […]

The Success of RNA Vaccines: What is the Commercial Significance?

RNA Covid vaccines may show the future of pharma.

Class action suits against Google and Apple

Article by Afeefa Salehmohamed Recently, the Supreme Court agreed to hear a class action against Google based on data privacy breach issues. It is alleged that […]

Commercial implications of Scottish independence

Article by Mayank Tripathi  Introduction  The bid for an independent Scotland failed after the 2014 referendum when the ‘No’ side gained 55% of the vote. However, the […]

British Inter-University Commercial Awareness Competition – the largest commercial awareness competition for law students in the UK !

BIUCAC 2021  BIUCAC 2021 is a major national competition seeking to highlight what is seldom taught in the lecture room – Legal Commercial Awareness. Legal Commercial […]

What is HM Land Registry?

No matter if you are just starting your property law module or trying to get insight into a new area of law, this article simplifies the role of the Land Registry, and explains its main attributes.

Commercial Challenges Currently Facing the Legal Market

Zara Yusuf analyses four current commercial challenges for law firms.   Like other businesses, law firms face a number of commercial challenges that they need to navigate […]

GameStop’s Meteoric Ascent

Andrew Culver discusses the reasons behind the exponential rise of GameStop’s share price.

Upcoming Webinar: How to ace assessment centres and virtual interviews

The Student Lawyer has partnered with City Career Series to bring readers a FREE webinar hosted by Jake Schogger to break down all you need to know about how to prepare for, and ace, commercial law assessment centres!

Clear the Lobby: What laws are MPs voting on this week (w/c 9th November)

Sebastian Salek, the brains behind Clear the Lobby, brings you all the laws MPs are voting on this week, and explained in plain English!

Societies to Get Involved in as an Aspiring Lawyer

Are you a student looking to become more involved in societies at university but unsure where to start from? In this article Meagan Leightley looks as societies you should get involved in if you are aspiring lawyer whether or not you take law!

Audit Explained

Our first article will take you through the key facts about audit, as well as its role in the contemporary company law.

Interview with Molly Lewis, an associate at Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer and board member of PRIME

In this article, Enakshi Khasriya interviews Molly Lewis, an associate at Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer. Having recently qualified, Molly is now in the commercial disputes team. Molly shares her journey into law, transition from trainee solicitor to associate and the impact of Covid-19 on her work.

Commercial Awareness Competition – Creating a level playing field for Non-Russell Group Law Schools

Denis Viskovich explains how he’s levelling the playing field to make it fair for all students seeking to join commercial firms.

Non-disclosure agreements explained

Article by Bethany Waters When businesses begin to enter into negotiations with each other, non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) are important in establishing a confidential relationship and ensuring […]

Interview with Jake Schogger, qualified lawyer, entrepreneur and author

In this article, Meagan Leightley interviews Jake Schogger, qualified lawyer and author of the well-known City Career Series which offers a comprehensive range of resources directly relevant to the recruitment process for a wide variety of City careers. In this interview, Jake shares some insight into his journey and how he has transitioned to an entrepreneur with an exciting release coming up soon!

The ‘Success’ of Boohoo

Ultra-fast fashion has devastating impacts upon the environment, having adverse effects on everything from water consumption, waste generation to horrid working conditions in offshore facilities. Is financial success the real evidence of prosperity in today’s world?

Did the Impact of COVID-19 Affect Trainee Retention Rates for Law Firms?

Zahra Javed discusses the retention rates of law firms and whether Covid-19 has impacted the future of the sector. The impact of COVID-19 has meant that […]

The Growth of Litigations & Disputes Resolutions

Dilara Devin explores litigations and disputes resolutions, highlighting the recent growth in the sector and the impact that Covid-19 may have.   What is the significance […]

Airline Staff Redundancy and the Coronavirus Crisis

As companies are starting to feel the financial strain of the coronavirus crisis, large airlines have quickly resorted to staff dismissals. This article outlines the legal and ethical challenges to the trend.

The Future of Reader-friendly Policies

Dilara Devin explores how Browne Jacobson LLP and the University of Nottingham have collaborated to find out what makes a policy document more comprehensible and share […]

BLM and the Legal Profession: Tackling Racism and Increasing Cultural Diversity

The Black Lives Matter movement has radically resurged in 2020, as a result of a viral video capturing the death of George Floyd at the hands […]

Commercial Awareness Update – W/C 17th May 2020

Jamie Howarth, Gina Asadi, Jamie Adair, and Sofiya Stanchakprovide a round-up of the stories that a budding Student Lawyer should be aware of this week. 

Commercial Awareness Update – W/C 3rd May 2020

Jamie Howarth, Gina Asadi, Zyeraph Bucalan, and Sofiya Stanchakprovide a round-up of the stories that a budding Student Lawyer should be aware of this week. 

The Many Roles of Journalists

This short read serves as a reminder of the many roles that journalists play in today’s society. Introducing practical examples, this article tries to shed light on the indispensability of journalists without the resort to journalistic ethics.

Commercial Awareness Update – W/C 19th April 2020

Tofunmi Oluwatobello, Beth Zheng, Francis Louis, and Jamie Howarth provide a round-up of the stories that a budding Student Lawyer should be aware of this week. 

Commercial Awareness Update – W/C 6th April 2020

Tofunmi Oluwatobello, Beth Zheng, Francis Louis, and Jamie Howarth provide a round-up of the stories that a budding Student Lawyer should be aware of this week. 

Commercial Awareness Update – W/C 23rd March 2020

Gina Asadi, Camilla Uppal and Jamie Howarth provide a round-up of the stories that a budding Student Lawyer should be aware of this week. 

Why is Commercial Awareness Very Important in the Legal Sector?

Archana Nayar discusses the increasing importance of becoming and staying commercially aware in the legal sector, and provides practical steps to developing commercial awareness in this article.

Uber joins growing number of automobile companies testing self-driving cars

Mayank Tripathi reports on the recent news that Uber’s licence to test self-driving cars has been reinstated and explores the commercial and legal issues at stake.

Commercial Awareness Update – W/C 13th January 2020

Gina Asadi and Tofunmi Bello report on the latest commercial news.

Commercial Awareness Update – W/C 23rd December 2019

Gina Asadi and Tofunmi Bello report on the latest commercial news.

Commercial Awareness Update – W/C 9th December 2019

Beth Zheng, Gina Asadi and Victoria Roffey report on the latest commercial news.

Thomas Cook Collapse: A look into the firm’s insolvency procedure

In September 2019, Thomas Cook entered into Compulsory Liquidation. The events that led to the decision and the legal explanation of what Compulsory Liquidation is can be found in this article.

Commercial Awareness Update – W/C 11th November 2019

Mared Davies and Camilla Uppal report on the latest commercial news.

Commercial Awareness Update – w/c 30th September

Your round up of the stories that you should discuss at interview this week.  Sign up here to get these updates in your inbox every week. Ex-Thomas Cook […]

Commercial Awareness Update – w/c 2nd September

Your round up of the stories that you should discuss at interview this week.  Sign up here to get these updates in your inbox every week. Boris Johnson […]

The Art of the Deal – Corporate Update Summer 2019

As we approach training contract interview season, commercial firms will want to see that applicants know what is going on in the city. Here is an […]

Commercial Awareness Update – w/c 8th July

Your round-up of the stories that you should discuss at interview this week: Thomas Cook in talks over a latest rescue deal Reported by Nathan Gore […]

Commercial Awareness Update – w/c 24th June

Your round-up of the stories that you should discuss at interview this week: Fears that there could be energy shortages following Brexit Reported by Nathan Gore […]

An overview of Apple’s acquisition of Beats

Outline One recent commercial deal to be aware of is Apple’s acquisition of Beats. The acquisition has cost Apple around $3 billion which makes it Apple’s […]

Book Review: Know the City

The rewritten up-to-date version, Know the City 2013/14, is heralded a must-read for students considering a career in professional services. Author Chris Stoakes, a lawyer himself, […]

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