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Whether you’re at law school, university or sixth form, if you’re an aspiring solicitor or barrister then The Student Lawyer provides you with everything you’ll need to make chasing down your dream law careers that little bit easier.

Our guides will help you navigate your legal studies and the job market, and our weekly articles will ensure you are always up to date on the latest legal and commercial news for those all important interviews.

The TSL Training Contract Surgery gives you access to our team of qualified lawyers for CV and application reviews, practice interviews, assessment day workshops, and more, the TSL Tutors service provides a directory of the country's best private law tutors, while the TSL Job Board contains hundreds of trainee, paralegal and other junior legal roles, with new jobs posted every week.

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TSL's articles are written by a broad range of contributors. Interested in practising your writing, improving your commercial awareness, enhancing your CV, and receiving exclusive discounts on the TSL Training Contract Surgery services? Contact us at for more information on how to join TSL’s team of student writers.


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The TSL Training
Contract Surgery

TSL’s group of qualified lawyers offer you bespoke law careers assistance to help you bag that all important training contract or vacation scheme. We offer you:

CV & Cover Letter Reviews

The first thing your employer will look at, so it’s important that you get them right!

Application Form Reviews

Includes an initial review, a follow-up call, and a final review.

Practice Interviews

Includes a one hour Skype interview with a qualified lawyer or legal recruitment professional.

Assessment Day Workshops

Includes practice interviews and several written and oral group exercises over the course of one or two days.

TSL Tutors

For those looking for a helping hand with their law studies, TSL has assembled a directory of the best private law tutors in the country. Choose face to face or online sessions for help from A-Level law through the LLB/GDL all the way to the LLM or even law PhD.


TSL Job Board

The Student Lawyer’s job board is a specially curated selection of jobs for law students. Choose from trainee, paralegal, legal secretary, legal assistant, and other junior roles, and take that first step towards your dream law careers. There are new jobs added every week, so be sure to keep checking until you find that perfect role.

News & Articles

Weekly Briefings

TSL’s team of writers telling you all the legal and commercial stories you need to know this week. Perfect for brushing up on the news before an interview.

Latest articles

TSL’s team of writers give you a more in-depth take on the latest legal and commercial stories.  Includes useful tips for law students and interviews with legal industry professionals.

  • Long Live the Lockstep
    Article by Mustaqim Mohammad Iqbal  Historically, law firms around the world, whether in London, New York or elsewhere, have adopted the model of the traditional ‘lockstep’ partnership. […]
  • Image of Business for What to expect during your first few months as a law student
    The LNAT: A Comprehensive Guide for Future Lawyers  
    Being a law student is an exciting journey, with numerous obstacles along the way that both challenge us and teach us new skills. For many, a significant stage in this journey is facing the LNAT: The Law National Admissions Test. This test is used by […]
  • Abortion Law: The Current Picture
    By Hannah Forsyth Abortion is a controversial area of law in many countries worldwide. Attitudes have changed dramatically over the past century and many countries are […]
  • How is the law combatting “Fake News”?
    With the rise of social media platforms, fake news feels like a new phenomenon. It has, however, existed for centuries. Back in the first century BC, […]
  • The Trump Impeachment: A brief summary
    Article by Eliza Liddicott In conjunction with the UK, the US political world is in an unprecedented state, with unknown and unforeseen developments occurring almost every […]