Studying law at university or about to start?  Our guides tell you what to expect from the three years of your degree to help you get the most out of your studies.  Or for those non-lawyers thinking about a conversion course, use our guides to ensure you are prepared for law school and job applications.

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First Year Law Students

Your first year of studying law at university can be good fun, but you need to do well. Firms look at first year grades. We cover everything you need to know here.

Second Year Law Students

Your second year is when things start to get serious. Here we look at what you should be doing, what you can do to improve and how to stand out from the crowd.

Final Year Law Students

It’s final year and it’s now or never. Here we look at the various things you need to be doing in your final year, as well as how to get the grades you need.

Law Fairs

Law fairs are about more than free stuff. Meet recruiters, ask questions, find out about the firm and get a good idea of where to apply (and where not to!).  

Extra Curricular Activities

We look at the value of engaging with your university law society, taking advantage of pro bono opportunities, and explore other ideas for extra-curricular activities you can get involved in to make yourself stand out from the crowd.

International Students

If you’re coming from abroad to study law in the UK, your path is different to someone from the UK’s. TSL breaks down the things you need to consider here.