The Monthly Commercial Awareness Quiz

Welcome to The Student Lawyer’s monthly commercial awareness quiz

This commercial awareness quiz is designed to test your knowledge of the key commercial, legal and political issues that we covered in last month’s posts – we hope you have been paying close attention!

The winner of the competition each month will receive a TSL Commercial Awareness Certificate and have their name published on the site. The highest scoring contestant between 1 June 2020 and 31 August 2020 will receive a voucher for a free mock interview, application review or personal statement review. Please ensure you review the terms and conditions at the bottom of the page before you get started.

The test is timed, and you will have four minutes to answer 20 multiple choice questions. You may only enter the competition once per calendar month, and any attempt to enter more than once will result in disqualification. Before taking the quiz, you should read the terms and conditions here.

Good Luck!


June 2020 Quiz Joint-Winner: Laurence Tsai, LPC LLM at ULaw (Moorgate)

Congratulations to Laurence and his co-winner Jamie Adair,who both topped June’s quiz with their score of 80%.
  • Pos.
  • 1.
    85 %
  • 2.
    75 %
  • 3.
    75 %
  • 4.
    70 %
  • 5.
    55 %
  • 6.
    50 %
  • 7.
    Mark O\'Neill
    45 %
  • 8.
    Shivam Raja
    45 %
  • 9.
    40 %
  • 10.
    30 %