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Welcome to The Student Lawyer’s February 2020 Quiz

This quiz is designed to test your knowledge of the key commercial, legal and political issues that we covered in last month’s posts – we hope you have been paying close attention! You have 4 minutes to answer all questions, after which point your answers will be submitted automatically.

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TSL February 2020 Quiz

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What are Community Rehabilitation Companies?

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In January, we reported on the IPO of the world's most profitable company in December 2019. Which company was it?

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What is the name of the majority leader in the US Senate, a key individual in President Trump's impeachment trial?

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At what amount has the UK government capped Huawei's supply of equipment to the 5G networks of the four largest mobile operators in the UK?

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In the case of R (on the application of Steinfeld and Keiden) v Secretary of State for the International Development, the Supreme Court ruled that the Civil Partnerships Act 2004 was incompatible with which two Articles of the European Convention on Human Rights?

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In January, we published a briefing on the National Audit Office's report that the UK's energy regulator had failed consumers by allowing energy companies to retain too much profit.  What is the name of the energy regulator?

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In January, we featured an interview with a Compliance Officer at Bird & Bird.  Which of these is not a typical task undertaken by a Compliance Officer at an international law firm?

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The UK government announced in January that which railway operator was to be nationalised?

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There are 12 Justices of the UK Supreme Court. Most Supreme Court cases (around 80%) are heard before a panel of how many of these judges?

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In January, we reported on an employment law case that will determine whether or not veganism can be classed as a philosophical belief and is, therefore, a protected class under the Equality Act. Which of these factors is not relevant to the High Court's decision?

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Which budget airline announced in January that it was on the brink of administration?

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In January, we reported on how the GDPR aims to protect consumers from data breaches. What is the maximum penalty that regulators can impose on companies under the GDPR?

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Which UK telecoms operator announced that it would cost them £500 million to remove all the Huawei equipment they currently use in order to comply with the UK government's new cap?

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President Trump's impeachment hearing has been overseen by the Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court. Who is the current Chief Justice?

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In January, we reported on Article 18ter of Fifa's  Regulations on the Status and Transfer of Players.  What is the effect of Article 18ter?

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On what grounds was Adidas' application to trademark its three stripes as a trademark rejected by the EU's General Court?

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In January, we looked at a landmark judicial review case surrounding the gender reassignment of children. A key issue in the case is so-called Gillick competence. What competence does this test measure?

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Which Magic Circle firm announced in January that it was launching a "sober supervisor" scheme for its social events?

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Which sports brand recently lost an appeal against the EUIPO in relation to its logo?

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In January, we reported on a Supreme Court case in which Claire Gilham successfully argued that she could be classed as a worker and so be subject to the whistleblower protections in the Employment Rights Act 1996.  What is Ms Gilham's profession?