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lawyer skills

July 16, 2023

Taking Up Positions of Responsibility: A Guide to Becoming a More Attractive Candidate.

In this article, James Tonge discusses why positions of responsibility are important and where to look for them.
June 8, 2023

Managing Workload

In this article, James Tonge discusses the benefits of learning to effectively manage workloads.
August 25, 2022

The Art of Developing Communication

In this article, Imaan Siddiqui shares some tips to help students develop oral and written communication skills.
March 11, 2022

Building Commercial Awareness

In this article, Imaan Fatima discusses the importance of commercial awareness and how aspiring lawyers can become more commercially aware.
May 30, 2020

A Law Student & Law Films Series: Part 6

Makki Tahir discusses the importance of negotiation skills as a lawyer, amongst others, as evidence from the movie, 'The Client'.