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Gas Prices

December 10, 2021

Commercial Awareness Update – W/C 13 December 2021

Avishai Marcus discusses whether Black Friday deals are what they seem and further discusses the government's legal clampdown on 'yo-yo' pricing strategies utilised by companies. Nicole Mallare discusses the impact of the new Covid variant, Omicron, has, among others, on the general population, the travel and tourism industry and the global economy. Tajinder Kaur discusses the seamless combination of virtual sight and sound that is the Metaverse, the opportunities this virtual space offers and why the Metaverse is thought to be a dystopian concept. Theo Budgen discusses the tumultuous times the energy sector has faced recently, evidenced by the cessation of notable energy firms. Furthermore, Theo discusses the impact of the lack of renewable energy sources in the UK on our energy supply, the effect of the global squeeze on energy and gas supplies, and what the shareholders in commodities in this sector must be privy to.