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Artificial intelligence

March 13, 2023

The Future Lawyer Weekly Briefing – W/C 13th March 2023

Idil Delmas and Rudo Ushewokunze offer briefings on the pertinent subject matter for the upcoming weeks.
February 24, 2023

Magic Circle Law Firm, Allen & Overy, Introduces AI Chatbot

In the context of law firm Allen & Overy's recent development in AI, Tamia explores the growth of AI systems in the legal sector.
February 20, 2023

Commercial Awareness Update – W/C 20th February 2023

David Zheng, Shruti Viththiananthan and Maddy Preedy provide a round-up of issues and debates we must all be aware of in the upcoming weeks.
January 23, 2023

Commercial Awareness Update – W/C 23rd January 2023

David Zheng, Maddy Preedy, Ifeoluwa Bayo-Oluyamo, Nana Akua Boamah Osei and Wanjiru Chigiti provide a round-up of issues and debates we must all be aware of in the upcoming weeks.
October 31, 2021

AI Development within the Life Sciences Sector

In this article, Alina Kazmi considers the opportunities, challenges, and legal uncertainties of AI in the life science sector.
March 6, 2020

Uber joins growing number of automobile companies testing self-driving cars

Mayank Tripathi reports on the recent news that Uber's licence to test self-driving cars has been reinstated and explores the commercial and legal issues at stake.
December 14, 2019

The role of artificial intelligence in the legal sector

Mayank Tripathi explains the impact of AI on the legal sector and explores the different ways that firms are adopting new technology.
September 20, 2019

Innovation in Law: There is no time like the present to observe the disruption

Innovation has recently become a buzzword across industries. Yet, the legal sector has been resisting the pressure. The main reason for the reluctance is the conservative […]
August 12, 2019
21st Oct

The Future Lawyer Weekly Update – w/c 12th August

The round-up of the stories that a budding Student Lawyer should be aware of this week: Criminal law: Educational Needs Rise in the Number of Children […]