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Zara Yusuf

August 9, 2023

The UK’s Mortgage Timebomb: The Good, The Bad and The Very Ugly

In this article, Melissa Croxford breaks down the current mortgage situation in the UK, from the perspectives of first-time buyers, existing homeowners, and law firms.
July 29, 2023

Kicking Off: Analysing the UK’s Response to the Russia-Ukraine Conflict and its Impact on the Sports Industry

In this article, Bethany Seed examines the current measures in place in the UK and their impact specifically on the sports industry.
June 29, 2023

Nature vs Nurture: How biodiversity losses could threaten the global economy, the strategies being used to tackle this prospect, and why we could stand to lose either way

In this article, Imran Choudhri considers how climate change could threaten the global economy and the steps being taken to mitigate this damage.
June 10, 2023

The Trillion Dollar AI Industry: How Best to Use the AI Boom

In this article, Melissa Croxford analyses the financial potential of the AI industry, following the chipmaker NVIDIA hitting a market capitalisation value of $1 trillion.