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February 28, 2023

The Next Era of China’s IPO Regime: Has the ‘Crackdown’ Ended?

Oscar breaks down the concept of initial public offerings, focusing on China's recent regulatory restrictions on international listings and IPOs.
February 20, 2023
Image of coins-1523383_1920 for Government Policy Paper on Benefit and Pension Rates: Will We See Any Improvement in the Workplace

The Future of Business? Smart Contracts and Cryptocurrency

Disclaimer: This article is written by Taha Ragheb. Any views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the writers and do not necessarily reflect […]
November 30, 2022

The City of London After the EU: The Effect of Brexit on the UK’s Financial Services Industry

Shaun analyses the City of London's longstanding domination of financial services in Europe and the EU's attempts to shape and strengthen its own financial hub post-Brexit.
August 25, 2022

Is There a Future for the BNPL Model as the Cost of Living Rockets?

Karolina explores the relationship between the cost of living crisis and the Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) market.
July 16, 2022

Statutory Sick Pay, Is It in Need of a Cure?

Article by Olivia Wilson   What is Statutory Sick Pay (SSP)?   Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) is the minimum amount of money an employer must pay […]
June 25, 2022

Why Is an Online Sales Tax a Bad Idea?

Focusing on a recent consultation document, Tamia considers the negative impacts of a potential online sales tax in the UK.
March 31, 2022

What Can Klarna Teach Us About the BNPL Market?

Hanna examines the growth of the BNPL sector in light of the pandemic.
March 3, 2022
TFLWU - 18th Nov

The Future Lawyer Weekly Update – w/c 28th February

Little Drink, Big Dreams or Little Drink, Big Lies? Article by Shaznee Seraj Innocent’s animated TV advertisement “Little Drink, Big Dreams” banned for claiming its drinks […]
December 23, 2021
TFLWU - 18th Nov

The Future Lawyer Weekly Update – w/c 20th December

The round-up of the stories that a budding Student Lawyer should be aware of this week. Sign up here to get these updates in your inbox every […]