The Implications of the Facebook IPO

George Korchev considers the implications of the Facebook Initial Public Offering.

Third World Protection Against Vulture Funds

Sophie Kinsella explains a debt relief law that will limit the ability of ‘vulture funds’ to sue the poorest countries in the world in English courts for the repayment of debts.

Supreme Court Tackles ‘Joint Enterprise’ Liability for Murder Ruling

In the latest Case Law, Naomi Loomes dissects the recent Supreme Court case of R v Gnango.

The Golden Rules of Advocacy – Review

Abigail O’Reilly reviews Keith Evans’ book, The Golden Rules of Advocacy.

Secret Trials and Special Advocates: The Dangers of Moving from the Last Resort

Paul Livingston explains why the Justice and Security Green Paper should have been accompanied by red flashing lights.

The Importance of Social Media Sites

Lauren Perkins argues for social networking in the light of David Cameron’s post-riot comments.

Same Difference: Extradition & Babar Ahmad

Nazmin Akthar comments on the Extradition Act 2003 and the cases of two men facing extradition to the U.S.

Which Box Set for Christmas, Garrow’s Law or The Jury?

With two big hitting courtroom dramas airing this autumn, which DVD box set should you buy for Christmas?

The Implications of Jones v Kernott

Emily McQuilkin discusses the recent Supreme Court decision in the case of Jones v Kernott and what it means for family law.

Rolls Building: 110 Fetter Lane

Jade Amanda-Laporte tells the story of her visit to the Companies Court held in the new Rolls Building.