Voucher Fraud on the Increase

Emily McQuilkin explains why money-saving voucher fraud is on the increase and why it’s a serious issue.

Justice Goes Digital

Lyndsay Pye discusses the plans to take the Crown Prosecution Service paperless by April 2012.

Facebook and the Younger Generation

Are the Facebook policies surrounding age being properly enforced and are we doing enough to ensure young children are not being exposed to the bad side of the internet?

EU Proposals to Equalise Roaming Charges by 2014

A discussion of the EU proposals to equalise mobile phone roaming charges by 2014.

Alternative Business Structures: A Monumental Shift in the Legal Landscape

Prashant Sagar evaluates Alternative Business Structures and their potential effect on the legal industry.

Homelessness – Not in My Name

Sam Ambreen examines the potential injustices of evicting those convicted of crimes from their council houses.

The Definition(s) of Harm in Family Law Legislation: Why the Difference?

A guest contribution looking at the inconsistencies within family law legislation, in particular the multiple definitions of ‘harm’.

Protecting Children in the Fostering System?

Lauren Perkins looks at whether or not the rules designed to protect children in the foster system go too far.

What About Law? – Review

Jade-Amanda Laporte reviews What About Law? by Barnard, Virgo and Sullivan.

‘Cage Fighting’ Children – Is The Outrage Justified Legally?

Liam Draper considers whether the outrage in the media over pictures of children fighting in a cage is justified legally.