Friends and Facebook

Liam Draper explains how social media might be used for a negative purpose, rather than the positive one for which it was intended.

Should There Be an Absolute Right to Privacy in the UK?

In light of the recent privacy issues raised by allegations against the media, this author asks if there should be an absolute right to privacy in the UK.

Lights, Camera, Sentencing

Abigail O’Reilly asks if televising judicial sentencing is a good thing.

Vietnam: The Cost of Protesting

Ruth Bailey reveals the oppression currently being suffered by the people of Vietnam and explains what we can do to help.

Opening Pandora’s Box: Media Access to Family Courts

Liz Garlick asks whether there is a balance to be struck between open justice and the privacy of parties involved in family cases.

Marriage, Cohabitation and Civil Partnerships: Will They Ever Become One?

Emily McQuilkin on whether the changes are really being made when it comes to marriage and civil partnerships.<

Eve was Framed: Women and British Justice – Review

Abigail O’Reilly reviews the book Eve was Framed by Baroness Helena Kennedy QC.

Understanding the Jackson Reforms

In this guest post, the proposed Jackson reforms to civil litigation are explained.

Riots? What Riots?

Stu Elwell asks whether the recent public order issues around the UK can be correctly described as ‘riots’.

The Sentencing Council

Lyndon Harris explains how the Sentencing Council create the guidelines for sentencing and where the difficulties lie.