Brexit & Its Implications For Law Firms

Brexit & Its Implications For Law Firms

Yesterday we were joined by Grad Recruiter, Ed Walker to discuss Brexit & its implications for Law Firms and also how to tackle these key commercial awareness topics in applications and interviews.

Ed’s top tip when explaining any commercial awareness topic, such as Brexit, is that it’s not necessarily your opinion that matters, but how you came to that opinion – they want to track your logic.  He talked about how to make your answer on Brexit stand out – by making sure you understand how the Law Firm that you are applying to will be affected, as well as the wider legal market.

Ed suggested making sure you understand how the story has been developed over the past months – this can give you a clue of how it will affect different firms and different sectors.   You can follow commercial awareness stories, such as Brexit on our Commercial Awareness and Future Lawyer updates.  You can have them delivered straight to your inbox by signing up on our homepage.

For the full discussion, watch here or head to our Facebook.

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