Interview with University of London Law Society

What is it about the University of London Law Society that makes it wholesome, inclusive, and a grea

Understanding Assault at Work Cases

620,000 incidents of violence at work were reported in 2016/17. Yet many victims of assault at work often feel alone and don’t know where to turn.

Catastrophic Injuries in Construction Site Accidents

Construction site accidents and injuries lead to claims and lawsuits. A personal injury lawyer will provide the legal help you need to obtain the full and fair compensation for the injuries sustained on the job site.

Navigating the Complex Field of Birth-Related Hospital Negligence

There are things that can go wrong during a hospital birth. As a result, legal experts must be aware of the potential difficulties that can occur.

California’s New Internet Privacy Law and What it Means for You

California’s new internet privacy law, the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), is a gut reaction to a problem that has been going on since the 1990’s.

Workplace Drug Testing Explained

Employee drug tests have long since been a feature of the workplace. This article will explain what a business owner’s rights and responsibilities are in this area.

Insights from the Bright Network First Year Lawyers Top 100 Event, 12th September 2018

The study of Criminal Law within your LLB or GDL can be one of the more interesting topics for students, but it is important to understand the key concepts in order to do well.

The Student Laywer’s Guide to Sexual Harassment and Abuse have analysed the developing perspectives around sexual assault and the important role those in the legal profession have to play.

Civil Partnerships for Heterosexual Couples

A change to our current system is forthcoming, with Theresa May’s statement that heterosexual couple

Diversity in the English Legal System

A historic case will be brought before the Supreme Court in October 2018. Historic, not because of its content or judgement, but because of who is making the judgement. For the first time in the Supreme Court’s history, a case will be heard by a female majority.