If you are resolutely determined to make a lawyer of yourself, the thing is more than half done already.Abraham Lincoln in an 1855 letter to a law student

TSL is all about providing careers and study advice to law students and graduates.

Whether you’re at school, university or have graduated, if you’re an aspiring lawyer The Student Lawyer provides you with everything you’ll need to make chasing down that dream career in law that little bit easier.

If you’re an A-Level student looking for advice on choosing a University, a University student thinking about postgrad options or even a graduate trying to unravel the daunting world of training contract applications, The Student Lawyer has everything you need to get ahead.

How we started
The Student Lawyer was created over the summer of 2011 by a group of LLB students. The aim was to create a free online resource which would make legal news and articles accessible to future lawyers. Everything on the site is written by law students or practising professionals and is aimed solely at those hoping to become lawyers or have recently started their career.
Building a company
In 2014 The Student Lawyer became part of a bigger startup, GradMedia. GradMedia is a digital publishing company headquartered in London and is led by the founder of The Student Lawyer, Lewis Cheney and two experienced investors. Working as part of GradMedia will enable The Student Lawyer to grow and expand into new areas and improve our product as a whole. With the vision of our leadership and resources of our company, we hope to make The Student Lawyer the most popular website among law students.
Early 2014 Update
In January 2014, The Student Lawyer was re-built from the ground up and the third version was launched. Our product team worked hard to create an entirely new and improved experience, including rewriting the website from scratch. We introduced new feats including Law Firm and University profiles and a new design.
Late 2014 and beyond
In late 2014 our product team again redesigned the website. We introduced a fresh, clean design, improved Law Firm and University profiles and a reimagined navigation structure. We also thought hard about the type of content we wanted to create and decided to open the site up to a whole new audience: GCSE & A-Level students. We’ve also introduced new commercial awareness content, including Deal Reports, City News and Industry News.

We continue to improve The Student Lawyer to make it the best website for law students everywhere.

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