TSL Training Contract Surgery

What We Do

At TSL we know that applying for vacation schemes and training contracts can be the most difficult part of the long road to qualifying as a solicitor.  The applications are time consuming, and interviews and assessment days can be daunting and sometimes demoralizing. Very few people are naturally good at this process, but everybody can get better at it with practice.

The TSL Training Contract Surgery is here to help!  All of our team are qualified lawyers or legal recruitment professionals.  Whether you want help with your applications, fine-tuning your CV, or practising interview technique and assessment day exercises, the TSL Training Contract Surgery gives you the opportunity to hone your skills in a risk-free environment, so by the time you’re applying to your dream firm, you’ll have nothing to worry about.

TSL has also partnered with JobTestPrep, the world’s leading provider of practice tests for professional applications, to offer you a bespoke set of practice psychometric tests, tailored to the firm of your choice.

The TSL Training Contract Surgery is aimed predominantly at prospective solicitors. However, we do have a barrister on our team, so can also help with pupillage and mini-pupillage applications and interviews. If you are an aspiring barrister, contact us at hello@thestudentlawyer.com to discuss how we can help you.

The beginning of a new application cycle is a daunting time for any prospective lawyer.  Not sure where to start with your applications? You can book a FREE half hour consultation call with one of our qualified lawyers to discuss your application strategy for the year and how the TSL Training Contract Surgery can help you.

Contact us at hello@thestudentlawyer.com to book your call.

Regular Services

We offer a variety of services:
CV and cover letter reviews

£20 per document

Service includes an initial mark-up, a follow-up call, and a final review.

Vacation scheme/training contract application form reviews

£40 per document

Service includes an initial mark-up, a follow-up call, and a final review.

Practice Interviews

£60 per interview

Service includes a one hour Skype interview with feedback from one of our qualified lawyers.

Combination Package

£100 discount rate

Don’t want to take any chance with an application? Purchase the combination package, including a CV, cover letter and application form review, and a practice interview.

Day Workshops

For those looking for a more in-depth training experience, the TSL Training Contract Surgery’s Assessment Day Workshops are a full day of practice interviews and assessment day simulation exercises.

The next Assessment Day Workshops will be taking place in London on the 4th and 5th January 2019.  Click here for more details, including details of our SCHOLARSHIPS.


contact us at hello@thestudentlawyer.com for more information.

For more details on prices and what is included in each of these services, see our Terms & Conditions.

Practice Psychometric Tests 

Many firms will use some form of psychometric testing as part of the training contract application.  These tests can take many forms including:

  • Numerical or verbal reasoning tests
  • Critical thinking or so-called Watson Glaser tests
  • Situational judgment tests (SJTs)
  • Personality tests

For applicants not used to these tests, they can come as a surprise and an otherwise strong application can be ruined by a poor result.

The TSL Training Contract Surgery has partnered with JobTestPrep, the world’s leading provider of practice psychometric tests, to create a bespoke set of practice law application tests.  You can choose from packs of practice tests tailored to specific firms like Allen & Overy, Linklaters, HSF, and Ashurst.  Alternatively, if you know you struggle with a particular type of test (e.g. SJTs), you can buy packs concentrating specifically on that type of test.  You can even purchase Premium Membership for unlimited access to all of JobTestPrep’s tests.

Careers Assistance

Looking for a more bespoke careers assistance service?  The TSL Training Contract Surgery can provide a one-on-one careers coach to help you with careers advice, application strategy, and all of your application over the course of the year.  We can explore price and service plans to meet your requirements. For more information, please contact us at hello@thestudentlawyer.com.