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Welcome to The Student Lawyer’s January 2021 Quiz

This quiz is designed to test your knowledge of the key commercial, legal and political issues that we covered in last month’s posts – we hope you have been paying close attention! You have 4 minutes to answer all questions, after which point your answers will be submitted automatically.

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January 2021 Quiz

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After the CMA concluded a year-long study of the digital market (with a particular focus on Google and Facebook) what did the CMA find out about the earnings of both companies in 2019?

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What is the definition of ‘green washing’?

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What does GDP stand for?

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What company launched ‘SixFifty’? In 2019?

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In context of the FT reporting ecocide becoming a crime in France, what would be the punishment of committing this crime?

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Approximately how many Public sector workers who earn below the median wage of £24,000 will be guaranteed a pay rise of at least £250?

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Which one of the following matches the fourth point of Boris Johnson's 10-point action plan for a green recovery?

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On the topic of the economic impact of a no-deal Brexit, what did the independent Office for Budget Responsibility roughly state, concerning how much a ‘no-deal' would cost the UK?

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What does the Trade Marks Act do?

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What happened in November 2019 concerning 2 companies Bentley Motors (‘BM’) and Bentley clothing brand (‘BC’)

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Who is the Chairman of the stop ecocide foundation?

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What is the basic definition of private equity?

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Approximately, how many people are using the Microsoft app ‘Teams’ daily?

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What year was the updated Trade Marks Act founded?

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What does the ‘CMA’ stand for?

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What is the amount of the ‘extra fund’ which is to be given to the NHS to help tackle backlogs in the NHS service?

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Who is the founder of the price comparison website,

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Who launched the company GravityStack in 2018?

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Near to the end of last month, how much was the price comparison website fined after their use of broad ‘most favoured nation’ (MFN) clauses

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Who is the founder and chief executive of the company Salesforce?