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This quiz is designed to test your knowledge of the key commercial, legal and political issues that we covered in last month’s posts – we hope you have been paying close attention! You have 4 minutes to answer all questions, after which point your answers will be submitted automatically.

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TSL August 2020 Quiz

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In July, we reported that Boris Johnson's recent  “build, build, build” speech mapped out a plan to boost spending on infrastructure and growth in the UK. He issued an urgent call for ‘shovel-ready’ projects that can be completed in 18 months. This initiative aims to provide funding to projects that can be started quickly, create jobs and have a public benefit. He calls this plan a “New Deal” – a scheme inspired by which US president?

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In July, we reported on Re Debenhams Retail Ltd (in administration) [2020] EWCA Civ 600, a case in which the administrators of Debenhams sought directions as to whether Debenhams' obligation to pay the 20% shortfall in furloughed employees' wages should be "adopted". What is the consequences of adopting these obligations in administration proceedings?

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In July, the Open Rights Group threatened legal action against Health secretary Matt Hancock and the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) in relation to the UK's Test and Trace system. On what grounds were proceedings threatened?

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The Corporate Insolvency and Governance Act 2020 puts in place temporary measures to help businesses going through financial difficulties during the pandemic. One of these is the suspension of liability for directors for wrongful trading. What does wrongful trading mean in this context?

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The Transport Select Committee’s Inquiry called which airline a ‘national disgrace’ after it made widespread redundancies?

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Which US law firm, established in New York in 1853, was the first US firm to open foreign offices?

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Tesla has successfully become the most valuable carmaker in the world. Which carmaker held this title immediately before Tesla overtook it?

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Which commercial law firm has been working with the University of Nottingham on a study aimed at making insurance policies more comprehensible for consumers.

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In a bid to reinvigorate the property market, Rishi Sunak increased the stamp duty land tax threshold in England and Northern Ireland from properties worth £125,000 to what level?

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The proposed $2.1 billion acquisition by Google of which wearable tech manufacturer has been met with objections by European regulators on privacy and antitrust grounds?

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In July 2020, we reported that M&A deal spreads have widened. What does this mean?

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Which of these airlines have recently signed a pre-action protocol letter indicating their intention to take legal action against UK quarantine legislation?

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In July, we spoke about Material Adverse Change (MAC) provisions which are commonly included in mergers and acquisition agreements, yet rarely relied upon. What does a Material Adverse Change provision allow a company to do?



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In July, we reported on Regeneron Pharmaceuticals Inc (Respondent) v Kymab Ltd (Appellant), a case which sought to clarify the rules on patent sufficiency. Which of these best reflects the concept of patent sufficiency, as set out in the Patents Act 1977?

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In July, we reported that Transport for London requires significant funding support over the next next two years as it struggles to cope with the huge financial shortfall which resulted because of the tough coronavirus crisis measures. How much did TFL say that it requires?

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Which football league is asking financial institutions to bid for a minority stake of up to 15% in a newly created media company, which would manage the league’s broadcasting rights?

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In July a dispute over equal pay between 35,000 employees and which UK supermarket headed to the Supreme Court? The case is the biggest private sector pay claim ever seen in the UK.

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Which airline recently admitted to being the victim of a highly sophisticated cyber-attack which will affect approximately 9 million customers, with 2,208 customers having their debit and credit card details “accessed”?

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Which of these is not a consequence of the new Hong Kong security law passed in China?

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The Corporate Insolvency and Governance Act 2020 puts in place temporary measures to help businesses going through financial difficulties during the pandemic. One of these is the a restrictions on statutory demands being used to trigger winding-up petitions. What is a statutory demand?