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Welcome to The Student Lawyer’s October 2020 Quiz

This quiz is designed to test your knowledge of the key commercial, legal and political issues that we covered in last month’s posts – we hope you have been paying close attention! You have 4 minutes to answer all questions, after which point your answers will be submitted automatically.

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October's Quiz

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What does "unicorn company" status refer to?

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In September we reported that the LVMH and Tiffany & Co deal soured due to the effects of coronavirus. But we also reported that there is a second reason for LVMH having second thoughts about the deal. What was the reason reported?

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September 16th was a day for the history books, as the largest ever software company to go public on the New York Stock Exchange was listed. Which company are we referring to?

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When businesses begin to enter into negotiations with each other, non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) are often used. Which of the following is not a reason for using an NDA

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Which billionaire is also known as the 'wolf in cashmere'?

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Who is the president of the European Commission?

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How many former British prime ministers are still living?

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In September, which company have we not reported to have pledged to go carbon neutral?

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Who is the former CEO of now-insolvent German financial services and payment processing company Wirecard?

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Which Beijing-based technology company owns Tik Tok?

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What is meant by the Line of Actual Control?

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Which country banned 118 mobile apps on 2nd September, of which the majority were Chinese owned?

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In September, we reported that LVMH is trying to invoke the Material Adverse Effect (MAE) clause in the merger agreement. What is a Material Adverse Effect clause?

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Which 'men only' membership club recently had legal proceedings issued against it, which argue that its rules relating to membership are a breach of equality legislation?

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In September, we reported that prior to its financial issues, Wirecard was one of the few companies that had ascended onto the prestigious DAX 30. What is the DAX 30?

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According to the European Banking Authority, what percentage of of European Fintech firms reported to not be subject to any regulation?

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Which UK clothing brand recently secured unicorn status?

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What is the main controversy surrounding the Internal Market Bill?

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Which bill recently went to third reading, and sets out the new legal framework for trade between the UK's four nations after Brexit?

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Which company recently announced that they have successfully eliminated their entire carbon legacy, after becoming carbon-neutral in 2007