So, you want to write for The Student Lawyer? Great!

We accept submissions in the following categories: Case Law, Education and Practice, General Feature, Literary Review, Mooting Blog and Opinion.

Case Law

Each case law piece gives a rundown of a recent, significant Court of Appeal or UK Supreme Court judgment, with full citation, the facts, appellate history, the judges, and the reasons for their decision.

Education and Practice

This involves anything to do with the student journey up to, including and after a qualifying law degree. Think about all the information you wanted to know about the profession before you started out.

General Feature

Noticed an area that’s currently being considered for reform? A tricky area of law for students to get their heads around? An area that’s seen recent developments? This might appeal to the more academic among you, but as law students or lawyers, you’ll be accustomed to writing essay-style pieces.

Literary Review

There are hundreds of law books out there, educational and informative, or fictional and fun. Have you read a book about or around law recently? Jot down your thoughts and tell our readers why you thought it was great or terrible. Think back to the sorts of books you read before starting law school; perhaps they inspired you to start your journey into the law.

Mooting Blog

Submissions for the Mooting Blog category should be based on sharing your experiences as you moot in either Internal Competitions or External Competitions. It need not be a long entry. Tell us what you learned about your own and your competitors’ performance and help others to hone their skills.


You’re a law student or lawyer, right? You must have some strong opinions on current legal issues! Perhaps you have a bee in your bonnet, or you’d just like to share a slightly different perspective. As long as your opinions are grounded in fact and decent research, they may well be valuable to share with the wider public. It’s great for the website to stimulate discussion with exciting or controversial topics as it engages our readers more frequently.

Sounds great! What do I do now?

  • Please email your submission to with the piece attached as a Word document and the subject line ‘Reader submission – [your name]’.
  • Please include a couple of lines about yourself that can be placed at the bottom of your piece. If you want inspiration for what we’re looking for, read some of our articles.

One of our editors will get back to you to let you know whether your submission has been accepted.

I’m not sure my idea fits, what do I do then?

You may also wish to suggest some ideas for articles prior to writing. If so, please provide a title for your proposed piece, or series of pieces, with an abstract and an anticipated submission date.

If your article is accepted for publication, it will undergo an editorial process and be published in approximately two weeks from acceptance, unless it is particularly current. Please download and read our submission guidelines.

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