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The Student Lawyer was built with the express aim of making legal careers more accessible to law students, no matter their background, stage of study or existing knowledge.

TSL is all about providing careers and study advice to law students and graduates. We should be friends!

You’re on the frontline of university careers advice and so it makes sense that we’d want to connect with Careers Service staff and give you all the support we can to further your students careers. You do an amazing job of helping students navigate the choppy waters of legal job hunting and we want to be a part of that voyage!

Some facts about TSL:

We were built by a group of LLB students, whilst at University

We see over 30,000 unique law students visit us a month and it’s growing every month

We’re a completely free resource, students don’t pay a penny to access TSL

TSL isn’t just for law students. We cater to anyone who wants to be a lawyer, no matter what their degree.

We speak from experience. Our team contains several members who have secured training contracts at leading firms

We have over 1,000 articles written by more than 300 students and graduates

We generate advertising revenue from law firms and universities, but never take money in return for biased reviews or advice

We’re aimed at more than just university students, we have content for GCSE & A-Level students, as well as grads

TSL offers in depth study and careers advice, written by universities, law firms and chambers, as well as our team.

Exclusive email insights, members-only careers events, insider tips and more.