About Vacation Schemes

Vacation schemes are offered by many leading law firms in Britain. These schemes are aimed at recent and current law graduates. Vacation schemes typically run during the summer months and provide an excellent practical insight into the daily running of a law firm. They offer many young law students a doorway into the legal profession. Students who are competent and hard-working are well suited to such schemes as they can be quite challenging and demand dedication.

It is becoming increasingly popular for big firms to do the majority of their hiring from their vacation scheme alumni. Taking part in a vacation scheme will dramatically increase your chances of securing an interview with most firms.

This can provide you with invaluable practical experience, which gives you the chance to apply what you are learning in class. It can also give you the opportunity to suss out whether you enjoy working for a law firm, as well as make contacts that can be helpful later on. It can help them decide whether they would like to offer you the opportunity to do your Training Contract with them.

One other reason to do a vacation scheme, or even just apply for vacation schemes is to get practice doing online applications. This practice may be invaluable when you are trying to do the very similar process of applying for your Training Contract.

You should often also have the chance to earn a salary, up to about £500. However, don’t go in expecting a salary, some may just give you expenses or less. You want to do a vacation scheme for the experience, not the money.

Applications for training contracts at large and popular firms are often extremely competitive, participating in a vacation scheme with a firm looks excellent on such applications.

Deadlines for applications for vacation Schemes:

  • Allen and Overy: 31 December 2014
  • Clifford Chance: Ongoing
  • Herbert Smith Freehills LLP: 16 January 2015.
  • Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer LLP: January 2015
  • Hogan Lovells: 13 December 2014

There are many more Vacation Schemes available with most established firms offering them. For further application details concerning deadlines for vacation schemes visit the law firm’s webpage.

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