Commercial Law and City Law Firms

Here we look behind the fancy offices, huge salaries and awesome perks to uncover what commercial law and City law firms are really all about.

City Law: About Commercial Law

Do you know your mergers from your acquisitions? Your debt from your equity? We’ll cover the complicated (and rewarding) work of commercial law firms. Read More.

City Law: The Magic Circle

They’re the best of the best and they have nothing to do with real magic. We investigate the Magic Circle and tell you how you can break in. Read More.

City Law: Salary Table

Who pays the most? What can you expect as a trainee? We’ll have a look at City law salaries and work out what you can expect to earn. See The Table.

City Law: Top 100 City Law Firms

Who generates more revenue than anyone else? We put together a list of the 100 biggest firms in the City by revenue. See who made the list. View The List.

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