University Law Students

Now you’re at University, you’ve got a lot going on. The Student Lawyer has all the inside information on making it through your first year, improving your exam technique, securing work experience, extra curricular activities and even what to do if you aren’t studying law.

Useful Articles

You’ve made it to uni. You’re out of the house for the first time and free, time to party right? Wrong. (Well maybe a little bit!) University is a critical time for a young lawyer. Without good grades, the right work experience and relevant extra-curriculars, your application could be in trouble. In these articles we look at issues affecting University students, including getting the most out of your studies, exam performance and apps and tools to make your life easier. We also cover some of the more interesting stuff, like going out and managing your money. Find Articles.

Areas of Law Explained

Even those who have been successful in getting a place on a Law course often don’t know exaclty what to expect from each module on their course. Here we look at the core modules of the LLB, plus a few other popular ones.

First Years

Your first year of studying law at Uni can be good fun, but you need to do well. Firms look at first year grades. We look cover everything you need to know. Read More.

Second Years

Your second year is when things start to get serious. Here we look at what you should be doing, what you can do to improve and how to stand out from the crowd. Read More.

Final Years

It’s final year and it’s now or never. We consider the various things you need to be doing in your final year, as well as how to get the grades you need. Read More.

Law Fairs

Law fairs are about more than free stuff. Meet recruiters, ask questions, find out about the firm and get a good idea of where to apply (and where not to!) Read More.


We look at the value of engaging with your university law society, taking advantage of pro bono opportunities, and explore other ideas for extra-curricular activities you can get involved in to make yourself stand out from the crowd. Read on.

Non-Law Students: The Conversion Course

You didn’t do a law degree, but you still want to be a lawyer? Here we look at the law conversion course (GDL), what it is, how to apply and what it takes. Read More.

International Students

If you’re coming from abroad to study law in the UK, your path different to someone from the UK’s. TSL breaks down the things you need to consider. Read More.

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