Why Use Us?

The competition for training contracts is fierce with many commercial firms receiving over 100 applications for every trainee solicitor role offered. The majority of these applicants will have good grades and relevant work experience, making it harder than ever to stand out from the crowd.

The TSL Training Contract Surgery team is made up of qualified lawyers and legal recruitment professionals. We know the application process intimately, having experienced it both as aspiring trainee solicitors and later as lawyers interviewing candidates, and we know how fine the line can be between success and rejection.

The TSL Training Contract Surgery can give you the best possible chance of securing an interview and a training contract!

The TSL Training Contract
Surgery Difference

While your university careers service and other careers assistance providers may be able to give you generic advice on improving your CV and interview technique, they will not have the same in-depth experience as the TSL team on what it takes to become a trainee solicitor.  All of the TSL team have been through the same process you are facing now and succeeded.

Everybody will get better at applications and interviews with practice. Rather than learning the hard way and going through a year of rejections, potentially ruining your chances with your dream firm, the TSL Training Contract Surgery allows you to practice and hone your skills in a risk-free environment.

Before you start with your applications for the year, you can take advantage of a FREE consultation call with one of our lawyers.  You can discuss your application strategy for the year to make sure you don’t waste your time applying to the wrong firms.

With potentially thousands of applications to review, a firm’s HR team will be looking for reasons to reject applicants rather than accept them. A basic error on one of your application documents will put you immediately on the “no” pile, regardless of your other achievements. Getting your cover letter, CV, or application form reviewed will ensure you avoid basic errors and keep you in the running. We can also help you turn generic responses into something that will make you stand out from the crowd.

Our triple-check system of initial mark-up, follow-up call, and final review means you will not have to submit an application until you are certain that it is ready.

While every interview is different, many of the same questions will crop up again and again, and you need to make sure you can answer them without difficulty to stand any chance of success. The TSL team will always include these frequently recurring questions in your practice interview and will tailor other questions according to your target firms.

Nothing you will have done in your academic career will have prepared you for an assessment day. The experience of being placed in an unfamiliar corporate environment and being watched while you attempt to simultaneously work alongside your fellow applicants and compete with them can be overwhelming. TSL’s Assessment Day Workshops faithfully recreate the assessment day experience but in a friendly unpressurised environment, where mistakes are seen as learning opportunities rather than the end of your application.