Surviving The LPC

What is the Legal Practice Course (LPC)?

The Legal Practice Course is a key element of training to become a solicitor. It is an intense and costly route toward achieving your training contract.

Commercial vs High Street

Amy Dimond looks at the difference between the LPC’s High Street and Commercial routes, a choice offered by some providers.

Advanced Commercial Property

Patrick Lundie shares a brief overview of the Advanced Commercial Property elective on the LPC.

Work Experience on the LPC

Amy Dimond looks at the task of finding work experience and discusses potential activities to improve your applications.

Commercial 2 – Intellectual Property

This week, Amy Dimond looks at a very important commercial topic, Intellectual Property.

Electives: Commercial Part 1 – Competition

Amy Dimond takes a look at one of the elective of the LPC, Commercial, and more specifically, the Competition part of the module.

Coping With Open Book Exams on the LPC

This week on Surviving the LPC, Zara Hussain looks at the open-book nature of LPC exams.

LPC Elective – Commercial Leases Part 2

Amy Dimond delivers the second part of her article on surviving commercial leases on the LPC.

LPC Elective – Commercial Leases Part 1

This week, Amy Dimond offers tips on surviving the Commercial Leases elective on the LPC.

Employment Law Elective on the LPC

This week on Surviving the LPC, Patrick Lundie looks at the Employment law elective.