Your Weekly Commercial Awareness Update – w/c 3rd December 2018

Your Weekly Commercial Awareness Update – w/c 3rd December 2018

Here are this week’s headlines, brought to you by our Student Commercial Awareness Team:

Three Men Suspected of Being Neo-Nazis Arrested in Connection with Terror Offences

Reported by Anna-Mei Harvey

Following raids across the south on Thursday morning, police have arrested three young men between the ages of 17 and 21. The arrests come as a result of police investigations in to extreme right-wing activity.

All three men are believed to be linked to the neo-Nazi group, Sonnenkrieg Division which has branches in the US and the UK.  The ideology advocated by the group is called the “universal order” and they support the radical teachings of both Adolf Hitler and Charles Manson.

Each of the men arrested face different charges, the youngest of the three was arrested on suspicion of encouraging terrorism, disseminating terrorist publications and conspiracy to inspire racial and religious hatred. The man of 18 years is accused of encouraging terrorism, disseminating terrorist publications and the eldest suspect was arrested on suspicion of possessing material likely to be useful to a person committing or preparing an act of terrorism, and conspiracy to inspire racial and religious hatred.

These arrests are the most recent in a series of what is being dubbed the rise of the far-right. The Home Office has released figures showing that this year, between January and September, white British suspects have become the largest single ethnic group arrested on suspicion of terror offences in Britain. 40% of arrests made in connection with suspected terrorism offences from the New year until September were white.

Read more at the Independent and The Times.

Boris Johnson Apologises for Failure to Register his Income

Reported by Jutha Cheewat 

In the House of Commons, the former minister apologised to MPs for a late declaration more than £52,000 after continuously failing to register payments within deadlines set.

The former foreign secretary was criticised many, including Kathryn Stone who pointed out that he failed to declare and register his payments nine times within 12 months. She then added that the wide spread failure “suggested a lack of attention to the house’s requirements, rather than inadvertent error”.

In most cases, it is clear that parliamentary rules allow for MPs to earn more than the amount set for their official duties, but it has to be notified within 28 days limit.

In her report, Stone also told the Guardian that she received a letter of complaint in regard to Johnson’s weekly column payments from the Daily Telegraph for £23,000 a month.

In the letter, it was emphasised that “by no means the first time within the past year or so that there has been a failure on his part to comply with the rules”.

Johnson, in response to the issue, explained that the errors were “primarily the result of a delay in up-to-date financial statements being received and duly processed and declared”.

Since there has been many complains and reports on this matter, it is important to keep close attention to the potential responses from the relevant committees for future guidelines upholding the principle of transparency and accountability.

Read more here.

Huawei CFO Arrested

Reported by Sarah Mullane

The Chief Financial Officer of telecommunications giant, Huawei, has been arrested in Canada on an extradition request from the United States. According to recent reports, it has been suggested that Meng Wanzhou, the company’s current CFO and daughter of its founder, Ren Zhengfei, has been linked to a US investigation into suspected violations of US trade sanctions against Iran.

Following her detention and arrest at Vancouver airport last Saturday, Ms Meng has sought a publication ban, meaning that any charges against her will not be made public. Despite this, a Canadian law-enforcement source has come forward to claim that the CFO had attempted to “evade the American embargo against Iran”, which formed the basis for her arrest.

Given the current tensions between China and the US in the midst of their trade war, allies and trading partners of both countries have felt pressure to take sides, and it appears that the Canadian Government is endeavouring to remain neutral throughout. Though admitting to have had prior knowledge about the arrest, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has said that he and his government have had no involvement in the arrest, making it clear that there was not political motivation behind the arrest. Despite this, China has called for Ms Ming to be released, claiming that the arrest is a human rights violation.

According to Canada’s department of justice, a bail hearing has been set for Friday.

For more information, see the BBC and The Guardian.

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