TSL Reviews: Notebooks by RAMA publishing

TSL Reviews: Notebooks by RAMA publishing

Review by Alvina Grasun

It is no secret that obtaining top-tier marks in any assignment requires proper case analysis and subsequent application. It is not surprising that understanding cases and correctly grasping them is one of the most gruesome parts of studying law.

This stems from how lengthy judgments can be, their often-tedious structure, the constant referral to other precedents and cascade of legal terms. I commend the level of focus and stoicism of law students for such a mountainous task.  However, as this semester is nearly ending and exams season is looming, there is a way to aid you in your quest for those high marks.


RAMA Publishing found a way to make note taking less dreary, precisely case note taking!

RAMA Publishing came up with an extremely inspired way to structure the way we take notes on cases. Each allocated space for a case is divided into six headings (Name, Material Facts, Ration, Conclusion, Mnemonic, and Definitions). This spreads across two pages. This is helpful given that the spaces are proportionate to the right amount of notes you should be taking per category.

As a law student, you can easily find yourself writing pages of notes for a case, only to burn out after making more notes on other cases. Come revision time, we become aware of which of futile this process is as well as, frankly, frustrating. Therefore, I put the notebook to the test myself.

The results…

I was impressed by the fact that I managed to include the necessary information in the allocated spaces, and extract exactly what I needed. In terms of revising, we all like to occasionally tell ourselves that we will remember every single detail. However, it is simply not true, and moreover, unnecessary. The reality is that you need a solid base that can be applied to the questions given. By using the structure provided by RAMA, you will achieve just that, for all the cases you need to revise.

The Mnemonic section was particularly helpful. As someone who has a decent visual memory, summing up the case in creative ways, contributed to cementing the knowledge. Furthermore, law students know that each case is usually a way to prove your understanding of a legal principle, test or terms. Consequently, a perfect way to have the full picture and be able to link those concepts to the case is having the ‘Definitions’ sections at the end.

Also worth highlighting is the extremely elegant design and the range of colours. The company has done an excellent job in uniquely presenting the intended use of their notebooks. I found the notebooks exquisite. Also, due to the inventiveness of its design, it motivated me to do more work. Personally, I take pride in my collection of notebooks and all my stationary. I know that these will make a fantastic addition to it my collection.


This is an independent review, written by one of our student reviewers. 

To purchase this book, you can visit this link.

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