Your Weekly Commercial Awareness Update – w/c 12th November 2018

Your Weekly Commercial Awareness Update – w/c 12th November 2018

Here are this week’s headlines, brought to you by our Student Commercial Awareness Team:

CPS and police ‘routinely failing’ to disclose evidence, report said

Reported by Jutha Cheewat

Geoffrey Cox presented a report to raise concerns about the fact that the (CPS) and police often fail to disclose evidence sometimes resulted in cases being dropped.

Cox focus on raising awareness and called for ‘zero tolerance’ for the matter. He explained:

“At the least this caused costly delays for the justice system and at worst it meant that cases were being pursued which the evidence did not support,” the report noted. “The impact of these failings caused untold damage to those making allegations and those accused of them.”

The report came about after rap cases were dropped due to lack of sufficient evidence presented in court. In addition, the CPS also reported that 47 rape cases had been dropped due to the fact that evidence were not properly shared with the defense. This issue therefore needs urgent solution.

Nevertheless, Nick Hurd the policing minister responded, according to the guardian, that “Disclosure of evidence is crucial for confidence in police and our criminal justice system. leaders have recognised there needs to be a change in culture towards disclosure and I’m pleased to see they are already making strides in this area through the national disclosure improvement plan.”

This also raise concerns about the current law of evidence and how it is affecting the justice system and whether it assists or hinders the idea of fair and just process.

See here for more.

Asda sees increase of sales in Quarter 3 of 2018

Reported by Rui Ci Lee 

Asda recorded a 2% increase in its sales three months September 2018, surpassing its potential buyer, Sainsbury’s.

This marks the sixth consecutive quarter which the British supermarket owned by US brand Walmart has seen an increase in its sales. Asda attributes this performance to the strength of its own-label brands. There is also an ongoing acquisition proposal of Asda by Sainsbury’s that is being scrutinised by the Competition and Markets Authority for potential competition issues.

Asda holds 15.3% of shares in the UK grocery market, just short of Sainsbury’s 15.8%. While the acquisition will be beneficial to both companies in light of the tough trading environment, as they will be able to generate greater buying power, it also raises competition issues such as less consumer choices, higher prices or poorer service. The combined group may therefore have to sell some of its stores to get the deal through.

On the other hand, if the Sainsbury’s-Asda merger were to go through, concessions from Argos, catalogue retailer which was acquired by Sainsbury’s in 2016, can be sold in Asda stores. This would be an attractive option for customers as they will be able to carry out their grocery shopping and electricals, DIY and homewares at the same place. Argos has previously boosted Sainsbury’s overall half-year results.

Find out more at BBC and Reuters.

Theresa May vows to see Brexit deal through

Reported by Nathan Gore

As a week of wild political speculation and comings and goings draws to a close, PM Theresa May has been holding onto power, standing firm in the wake of calls for her to step down, and for the newly-agreed ‘Brexit deal’ to be cast aside.

This follows a day of successive resignations from the Prime Minister’s cabinet , in protest at the recently negotiated deal on Brexit, agreed upon with the EU.

Strengthening her position, leading Brexiteers in the cabinet have rallied behind Theresa May amid attempts to unseat her by Tory MPs.

Michael Gove said he “absolutely” had confidence in Mrs May as he confirmed he would not be following several other ministers out of the door.

And Liam Fox urged MPs to support the PM’s draft Brexit agreement, saying a “deal was better than no deal”.

Read more at The Guardian and The Telegraph.

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