TSL Reviews: Able2Extract Pro PDF Editor

TSL Reviews: Able2Extract Pro PDF Editor

Review written by Alv Grasun

Editing a PDF Document most often than not results in frantically googling for a good software and after about twenty attempts, accepting defeat.


This software, ABle2Extract, might just be the light at the end of the tunnel. In a nutshell, it allows you to convert a PDF document into multiple formats- Excel, CSV, PowerPoint, HTML, AutoCAD and Image-, meaning it can be used as both a software to convert and edit documents. As its primary purpose is in fact the latter, it can be used to move the positions of pictures, add shapes, annotations and text. It does slightly remind one of the Word features, however it is a bit more tedious to perform those actions, as you would have to choose the settings, position and font beforehand.

Additionally, a very useful feature of the PDF Editor, is the ability to add pages, headers, tables, which means that it can be handy when it comes to keeping all materials in one place. As most books and handouts have a PDF version, this could be an option to collect all study materials altogether. Nonetheless, editing on this Software can be slightly tedious, and certainly takes a bit of time to get accustomed to it.

ReviewAmassing and modifying all the documents can take slightly more compared to doing the same activity in a word document. It also requires more attention as it is fairly easy to inadvertently delete chunks of material, overlap headers and place pictures in front of text. So, you either need to allocate some considerable time to work on larger projects or just use the editor for fairly small documents.

To conclude, using the software during lectures or seminars, might not be the most feasible idea – or any sort of activity that requires quick annotations-, because as previously mentioned, it can be time consuming. On the bright side, it can easily be used to edit pamphlets, posters and so forth, as the alternatives in terms of software, do not have the features that the PDF editor has. It can also be used as a way to quickly remedy mistakes, rather than the traditional option of converting into a more ‘friendly’ format that would allow rectifications and then reconverting them into a PDF document. Short projects are where software like this would really come into it’s own.


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