Which Area Of Law Is Right For You?

Which Area Of Law Is Right For You?

Can you show empathy when dealing with problematic people? Do you have numeracy skills in order to forecast compensation for clients? Can you keep up to date with ever-changing legislation? Are you able to negotiate efficiently?

As you can tell, choosing an area to study can be increasingly difficult. You must take into account what interests you the most, which area best suits your attributes, the daily routine of the chosen area and of course which has the best salary. It is important to keep an open mind, there is a lack of pressure in the early stages of a law career – whether that be studying law at university or moving seats during a training contract.

Tort Law
Tort law requires you to handle extremely large volumes of work, working to tight deadlines and acting quickly to situations – you will find yourself under high amounts of pressure. You will find yourself working on high-profile cases, particularly in defamation cases where you are against the clock in preventing articles becoming published, where this will be of great importance to an individual for you to prevent this. From big names to lower down the spectrum of minor personal injury cases – you must possess empathy and the ability to explain features of the client’s case to them in a simple way. Numeracy skills will also be off assistance in order to calculate potential compensation. Salary can range from £39,000 as a solicitor to £70,000 as a partner.

Contract Law
You will find yourself looking at large quantities of paperwork including terms and conditions, rent agreements, mortgages and receipts that bind your client and someone else into a special relationship. Contract lawyers work on cases from beginning to end which often requires negotiation with the corresponding party, therefore proceedings are a lengthy process. You must be commercially aware as contracts are made in the real world of business – your job is to ensure your client’s best interests are protected.

Criminal Law
Communication and negotiation skills need to be sound enabling you to deal with a wide variety of people. You must have a sharp eye for detail and willing to work long and unique hours under a high amount of pressure. In some cases a person’s liberty is at stake so you must understand the functions, rules and procedures substantially well to avoid mistake hence to prevent a wrongful sentence being imposed. An objective approach must be taken – prejudice must be set aside as you will find yourself dealing with dangerous, chronic drug users and mentally unsound people. Lawyers can earn between £38,000 to £62,000.

Land Law
A large percentage of your work will involve going through deeds of houses therefore you must pay attention to detail and possess ability to concentrate for long hours in order to deal with large paper documents and getting to the bottom of intentions of parties. You will periodically be asked to research as house deeds can go as far back as 100 years.

Commercial Law

Obviously in the name – you must be up to date with current business, legislation, regulations and the world’s stock market. Negotiating skills are mandatory so if you are good at mooting trials, debating or public speaking commercial law would suit you. You must be able to think creatively, have superior management skills and consider the bigger picture as commercial law is developing constantly. Commercial litigation is a big earner,  anything from £48,000 – £90,000 can be expected.

Corporate Law
Like commercial law you must possess knowledge of current business, legislation and trends in the market at the current time – many of your clients will be looking to invest so you will need familiarise yourself with business in order to coordinate advice. You will often work in groups so teamwork and management skills are essential. You must be able to communicate efficiently, expect and achieve big goals while working under immense pressure. This area is highly competitive and will require you to work long hours however if you want big money then corporate law is for you.

Environmental Law
This law is very ‘cutting-edge’. It requires a vast range of scientific, health and safety, industrial and business knowledge. The work is generally flexible, you may participate in a lots of fields in this area. You must be able to multi-task, have strong reasoning and negotiation skills – work will require you to generate financially resourceful ideas and have people follow these ideas. If you are interested in nature that surrounds us all and want to be part of exciting projects, this area should be considered.

Family Law
You must be empathic and friendly in order to support and understand your clients issues (many which are personal and private). You will be required to know clients on a partial, informal basis to establish what strategies are best suited to your client. Skills such as organisation, communication and negotiation will help you reach a just conclusion for your party. Pay can be between £36,000 to £70,000 + depending on your clients.

Employment Law
You must be adaptable to the constantly changing environment of employment law. Meticulous thought-processes and reasoning along with excellent communication skills will enable you to deal with the good and bad aspects of human nature when you’re involved in disputes over employment contracts. Representing big business’ can lead to earning up to £100,000 per case – making employment law appealing but once again you must constantly be commercially aware of business proceedings going on in the world of work.

Human Rights
A typical day can involve interviewing witnesses, reviewing evidence documents or advising clients on actions taken by public authorities. Extensive knowledge of regulations and legislation will assist you in providing fair and just opinions on a client’s case and what is actionable. Human Rights plays a role in most law cases whether specific to human rights itself or whether it is when two companies form a contract. The fact it has a wide application could open around the world especially European countries, so if you want to travel Human Rights may be a good option.

Intellectual Property
Research and writing contracts is essential – agreements are the core of any deal involving intellectual property. There is often a diverse range of work available e.g. you can work on several different projects at the same time so if you fancy constant change this will suit you. Lawyers will get the opportunity to deal with compelling projects such as new inventions or discoveries therefore you must be able to deal with clients in a creative and innovative way. If you want a scientifically evolving area of law to practice in, intellectual property is for you.

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