US and China Agree Climate Change Deal

US and China Agree Climate Change Deal

We know what it is, we have all heard about it, yet it is a mere niggle at the back of most of our minds. Little thought is prescribed to it, but yet it impacts our everyday lives. Have you ever looked up to the sky and wondered why you cannot see the stars like you can in Hollywood movies? Guess what? The cause is pollution ­­- so often seen that it has evidently become the norm.

The US and China are two of the biggest contributors to greenhouse gas emissions and they have recently brokered a deal in which Barack Obama pledged $3 billion to a climate change fund. I know what you are thinking: China and the US collaborating? You only need to open a basic high school history textbook to acknowledge the tension between the two states over the last hundred years.

The new agreement aims at a 26 to 28 percent cut to greenhouse gas emissions by 2025 by the US. This would require a doubling in the pace of cuts by 2020, as America had previously signed up to a cut of 17 percent by 2020. China has agreed that its emissions will peak in 2030 and that the percentage of non-fossil fuel energy consumption will rise to 20 percent by 2030.

The $3 billion that the US has pledged will predominately be used for the betterment of poorer countries with a high pollution rate, such as Australia. This is exciting news as the improvement and protection of the environment is currently considered the most potent issue being dealt with by these two world ‘superpowers’.

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