TSL Alumni

For many people, volunteering at The Student Lawyer has given their CV a huge boost. One of the core reasons for building The Student Lawyer way back in 2011 was to provide law students with an opportunity to demonstrate their legal knowledge, research and writing skills, as well as their commitment to the profession. Over the last few years we’ve had dozens of students volunteer for us and we wanted to put together a page which outlined where a selection of them are now.

Special Mentions

Without these people, The Student Lawyer wouldn’t have been possible.

Lewis Cheney (Founder), Althea Brooks (Founding Editor-in-Chief), Liam Draper (Founding Editor), Emily McQuilkin (Founding Editor), Natalie Hearn (Former Editor-in-Chief), Edward Holroyd Pearce (CRCC Asia, Investor) and Daniel Nivern (CRCC Asia, Investor).

Our Alumni

Name Role Dates Current Position
 Lewis Cheney  Founder  2011-2016  2016 Trainee at Magic Circle firm
 Althea Brooks  Editor in Chief  2011-2013  BPTC Student
 Natalie Hearn  Editor in Chief
 Emily Townsend  Editor in Chief  2016 Trainee at Magic Circle firm
 Guyanne Saul  Editor in Chief  2014  2016 Trainee at City firm
 Nathan Akhavan-Moossavi  Editor in Chief  2014-15  Paralegal at City firm

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