Uni Students

Top 5 Legal TV Shows for the Student Lawyer

Karina Rooney reviews the top five English and American legal TV shows that highlight how the criminal justice system works and how important each role is within the system along with real life accounts into the day to day life of a lawyer.

Books Every Lawyer Should Have in Their Library

Chelsea Wilson from Washington University School of Law’s online LLM programme recommends six books which every lawyer should read.

Surviving Law Fairs

Christopher Crawley talks about Law Fairs, and how to get the most out of them.

Oyez Today: An App For Supreme Court Followers

Liam Draper gives us his thoughts on the Oyez Today app from the Chicago–Kent College of Law.

Using Dropbox At University

Shelley Hazlewood discusses the benefits and disadvantages of the Dropbox app for law students.