Uni Students

Why Pro Bono Legal Work Might Be The Best Thing You Do

Elaine Campbell takes a look at the increasing importance of pro bono initiatives and how beneficial they can be for the public and students alike.

Student Pro Bono: the FRU

Matt Ahluwalia discusses the role of the Free Representation Unit and the benefits that can be gained from volunteering as a legal representative there.

Top 10 Twitter Accounts for the Student Lawyer

Paige Jones gives her top 10 Twitter accounts to follow for the student lawyer. Ranging from practicing barristers to trainee solicitors and legal journalists – if you’re on Twitter, then you better be following our top 10!

Combining Full-time Work with Part-time Study

Nathan Akhavan-Moossavi gives us an example of what its like to work full time and at the same time study part time, outlining the positives and negatives of such a setup.

The LLB and Dyslexia

Rosie Penny discusses what study skills and revision techniques someone with dyslexia needs to get through the LLB.

Course Options: Before, During and After University

Rosie Penny discusses the options of a career in Law. Specifically looking at university courses.

Volunteering with the Citizens Advice Bureau

Laura Pollard looks at the experience and skills which budding lawyers can gain from volunteering at the Citizens Advice Bureau, and the benefits they provide to their bureau and the wider community.

Top 5 Free Apps for The Student Lawyer

These applications could help you with your studies or practice as a new lawyer… and best of all, they are all FREE to download!

Law Fairs – Making a Good First Impression

Paige Jones explains how to make a good first impression when attending law fairs.

Top 10 Legal Academics To Follow On Twitter

Karina Rooney gives a list of her top 10 legal academics to follow on Twitter while explaining why each of them is useful and what area of law they practice in along with what they predominantly tweet about.