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Commercial Awareness – The Elephant in the Room

Written by Shelina Khudurun Commercial Awareness. This is one the most important phrases that you wi

Listen: The Student Lawyer’s EU Referendum Debate

It’s hard now to remember a world in which there was not an upcoming EU Referendum, such has been th

Becoming A Paralegal: Advice for Aspiring Graduates

Jodie McMaster provides tips on how to secure a paralegal job, and how it can help aspiring solicitors to secure training contracts. Paralegal positions are often seen as a step forward to securing a training contract. So those, who want to pursue the paralegal career, should be prepared to justify that in the interview.

How to Survive the Final Year of a Law Degree: A Guide to Success

Jodie McMaster provides useful tips for the final year law students to stay motivated and organised. The key to achieve 2.1 degree is resilience, motivation, early revision and organised way of living.

7 Ways To Improve Your Time Management

Checklist As a law student, this is essential. The work never stops. Make a list of what you need to

The Five ‘Must Have’ Books for Every Law Student

Aoife takes a look at the top five books that every law student should read. Ranging from Tom Binghams’ The Rule of Law to Michael Sandel’s Justice: What’s the Right Thing to Do?, this article is an insightful look at the books and reviews.

Returning to education – What is it like?

Charlie looks at the challenges facing a person returning to university and the feelings that accompany it. Changing professions is a common thing and this article gives great insight into how a person feels and the road ahead for them

Meet your new Education Secretary- Nicky Morgan

In her latest education report, Aoife Macauley introduces us to the new education secretary and how a career in law led her where she is today.

Why Pro Bono Legal Work Might Be The Best Thing You Do

Elaine Campbell takes a look at the increasing importance of pro bono initiatives and how beneficial they can be for the public and students alike.

Student Pro Bono: the FRU

Matt Ahluwalia discusses the role of the Free Representation Unit and the benefits that can be gained from volunteering as a legal representative there.