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Which Firms Contribute the Most Hours to Pro Bono?

A recent survey has revealed which firms contribute the most hours to pro bono work. However, it is

NPBW 2015: Pro Bono Societies – A Student Effort

In our final article of the week, Liam Lambert explains his involvement in a pro bono project at Dur

NPBW2015: Volunteering in a University Law Clinic

The third article in our series on pro bono is by Zachary Seow who discusses his experience in the l

NPBW 2015 Profile: LawWorks

As part of our series celebrating National Pro Bono Week 2015, Zachary Seow takes a look at the work carried out by the charity LawWorks and the effect their projects have on the community.

NPBW 2015: Commercial Law Firms Put Under Increasing Pressure to Provide Pro Bono Work

Elliot Glover takes a look at what commercial law firms are doing to help those in need and what challenges they are facing in doing so. This is the first article in our special series celebrating National Pro Bono Week 2015 and helping raise the profile of pro bono work that is undertaken across the country.

NPBW: National Pro Bono Week 2015 @

It is National Pro Bono Week 2015 at! This week, we will celebrate the impact o

Seven Things You Can Do During The Holidays To Boost Your Chances Of A Training Contract

Time off from uni doesn’t mean time off applications. Natalia looks at the best ways to boost your chances of a training contract during the holidays.

20 Law Firms Commit to Pro Bono Target

20 UK and US law firms have come together and collectively set an annual target for pro bono work in

Why Pro Bono Legal Work Might Be The Best Thing You Do

Elaine Campbell takes a look at the increasing importance of pro bono initiatives and how beneficial they can be for the public and students alike.

Student Pro Bono: the FRU

Matt Ahluwalia discusses the role of the Free Representation Unit and the benefits that can be gained from volunteering as a legal representative there.