GCSE & A-Level

What Makes A Good Personal Statement?

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7 Ways To Improve Your Time Management

Checklist As a law student, this is essential. The work never stops. Make a list of what you need to

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Degree Apprenticeship Programme Introduced

From September, it will be possible to study for a degree whilst undertaking an apprenticeship at th

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Top 10 Universities to Study Law

**Note: There is a new article on the top 10 Law Schools in the UK accessible here** Deciding, when,

New Apprenticeship Scheme Allows Apprentices to Qualify as Solicitors

Charles Crisp discusses the proposals to allow legal apprentices to qualify as solicitors upon graduation and the impact this would have on aspiring lawyers and on the diversity of the legal profession.

Meet your new Education Secretary- Nicky Morgan

In her latest education report, Aoife Macauley introduces us to the new education secretary and how a career in law led her where she is today.

Legal Apprenticeships: the Law Degree Alternative?

Paige Jones evaluates the emerging role of legal apprenticeships in the legal profession and the benefits that they may bring as an alternative to a law degree.