Surviving The LPC

Business Law and Practice Part 2 – Companies 101

This week Amy Dimond offers a crash course in company law for the LPC.

Property Law and Practice 2 – Exchange to Completion

This week, Amy Dimond takes you through one of the busiest parts of the property transaction.

Looking Ahead – Choosing Electives on the LPC

This week, Amy Dimond explains why choosing your electives is not the biggest decision of your life.

Red Pen at the Ready: Assessment 2 and 3 – Legal Writing and Drafting

This week, Amy Dimond covers two of the assessments on the LPC: Legal Writing and Drafting.

Litigation Part I – Pre-issue

In part one of her series on Litigation, Amy Dimond introduces the topic and the pre-issue stage.

Warning! This Post Contains Maths – Solicitors’ Accounts

Amy Dimond shares some tips for surviving one of the hardest parts of the LPC: Solicitors Accounts.

Pre-Contract Enquiries – PLP Part 1

This week, Amy Dimond looks at the first part of commercial and residential transactions for Property Law and Practice.

An Overview of Business Media – BLP Part 1

Amy Dimond gives an overview of the different business media to help prepare for the Business Law and Practice module.

Assessment 1: Legal Research

Amy Dimond provides some useful tips on handling your first practical assessment, legal research.

An Introductory Look at the Core Modules

This week, Amy Dimond provides a preview of the core subject areas you are likely to encounter in Term 1.