Seven Things I’ve Learned Since Starting my GDL

Charlie Parker looks at what he has learned since starting his GDL. Full of useful information, wit and humour, he offers a true and honest insight into his first few months of his studies.

Returning to education – What is it like?

Charlie looks at the challenges facing a person returning to university and the feelings that accompany it. Changing professions is a common thing and this article gives great insight into how a person feels and the road ahead for them

University of Law BPTC Sets 2:1 Minimum Entry

Charles Crisp discusses the new requirements the University of Law is looking to implement for entry to the BPTC course and assesses the impact this may have on applicants.

Meet your new Education Secretary- Nicky Morgan

In her latest education report, Aoife Macauley introduces us to the new education secretary and how a career in law led her where she is today.

SRA to Refund LPC Enrolment Fees

Charles Crisp elucidates the issue of the SRA refunding enrolment fees for the LPC

Commercial vs High Street

Amy Dimond looks at the difference between the LPC’s High Street and Commercial routes, a choice offered by some providers.

Student Pro Bono: the FRU

Matt Ahluwalia discusses the role of the Free Representation Unit and the benefits that can be gained from volunteering as a legal representative there.

Top 10 Twitter Accounts for the Student Lawyer

Paige Jones gives her top 10 Twitter accounts to follow for the student lawyer. Ranging from practicing barristers to trainee solicitors and legal journalists – if you’re on Twitter, then you better be following our top 10!

Combining Full-time Work with Part-time Study

Nathan Akhavan-Moossavi gives us an example of what its like to work full time and at the same time study part time, outlining the positives and negatives of such a setup.

Studying the BPTC Part-time: Pros and Cons

Matt Ahluwalia discusses the pros and cons of studying the Bar Professional Training Course part-time, and also includes some personal experience.