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Coca-Cola to acquire 17% stake in Monster Beverage

Alexandra Vladimirova discusses the recent acquisition of a stake in Monster Beverages by Coca-Cola, the implications of this both for the parties involved and for the market as a whole.

Rupert Murdoch on the Retreat?

Andrew Sanger takes a look at the recent business movements of Rupert Murdoch, a look at some of the deals that have been taking place lately and what effect this will have on consumers both in the UK and further afield.

Co-Op’s Pharmacy Sale – a sensible commercial move?

Andrew Sanger takes a look at Bestway Group’s takeover of the Co-operative’s Pharmaceutical branch, assessing whether it makes sound commercial sense.

An overview of Apple’s acquisition of Beats

Dionne Taylor talks about Apple’s recent acquisition of the Beats company. Dionne explores what this means for the online music industry as well as for Apple as they have recruited the founders of Beats to join the company. She takes a look at the history behind the Beats name and the impact the founders will have at Appel. Dionne takes a look at the advantages of this acquisition whilst also exploring the negatives of it.

Coca-Cola becoming a Monster?

Andrew Sanger discuses the possible partnership between Coca Cola and Monster drinks.

A Case Study on AT&T’s Merger with DirecTV

Yousif Al-Dujaili discusses AT&T’s merger with DirecTV and looks at the role of the lawyers in similar mergers.

Delivery Firm City Link Goes Into Administration

It was announced on Christmas Day that delivery firm City Link is to go into administration. The Cov