Your Career: Solicitor or Barrister?

Emily Townsend provides a detailed analysis of the routes available to practice in the legal profession and what to expect in a career as a barrister or solicitor.

Training Contracts: the Value of Research

Juliana Ruseva discusses the advantages of thorough research before committing to a law firm for your training contract.

Gaining Work Experience Abroad

There are many opportunities after graduation – but where should you go? Cristine Christodoulou explains why combining academic knowledge and work experience abroad will make you stand out from the crowd.

Chambers Evenings: A Guide

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Is Networking a Waste of Time and Effort?

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All’s Fair in Law and Training Contracts

Amy Dimond provides some excellent tips about making the most of law fairs.

Networking, Working and the Regional Choice

Ruth Bailey looks at the benefits to be gained from obtaining work experience outside of the City firms.

The Inn-Betweeners

Jason Furtado introduces Bar School students to the world of Qualifying Sessions and the Inns of Court.

Come Dine With Me… With a Legal Twist

Lyndsay Pye shares her experiences of dining as a BPTC student, offering some extra insight for non-Londoners.

Mini-Pupillages: the Advantages and my Experiences

Harry Langford recounts his experiences of mini-pupillage and considers the advantages of undertaking them.