TSL Reviews: Guide to Good Practice

Student Lawyer Alv Grasun reviews the Guide to Good Practice, a recent publication by The Law Society, describing it as “Truly living up to its name, this book encompasses all the elements necessary to make it a useful tool to navigate the professional legal world.

How to Make the Most of Your Summer as an Aspiring Lawyer

As summer approaches law students all across the country are emerging from libraries and packing up their belongings to head back home for three months of well deserved rest. The Great British Summer awaits, so here are a few productive ways to spend your summer as an aspiring lawyer.

Interview with Luke Pearce, CEO of Virtual Internships

Luke Pearce CEO of Virtual Internships sits down with Emma Hamnett to discuss all things about Virtual Internships and what the company is about .

Institutional Racism and Gender Inequality in the Work Place

In the modern 21st Century of British society, you still find in a workplace that institutional racism inevitably still exists on an unprecedented scale and continues to ascend. Ali Murtazza delves into these issues.

Interview with Louis Huglin – Associate in Film, TV & Theatre at Harbottle & Lewis

Louis Huglin is an Associate in Film, TV & Theatre at UK-based law firm Harbottle & Lewis. O

Preparing for Assessment centres – where do I start?

The Assessment Centre Now the end of January has passed (finally), and with it the deadline for many

Skills, Skills, Skills: Demonstrating your Skills in a Job Application

Alongside expressing your enthusiasm and motivation to work for a particular law firm, demonstrating

Minimum Entry Requirements

Minimum entry requirements (MER) are a common element of law firm application forms, as well as many

New academic year, new applications…

It’s that time of year again – vacation scheme and training contract applications have opened and yo

Alternative Careers: Commercial Options

For many final year students the days counting down to your final exams and being released into the