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Stupid Things You Can Say and Still Become President

On November 9th 2016, Donald Trump became the 45th President-elect of the United States of America.

Crowdfunding – The Way Forward For Funding Public Law Cases?

Adam Hughes takes a look at the fast growing way of funding legal cases and how they are helping to break down barriers to justice.

Plain Tobacco Packaging Laws: an effective measure to curb smoking or a futile effort devoid of any substantive effect?

Aoife discusses the recently passed Bill to introduce plain packaged tobacco, its potential impact and the arguments posed by both sides.

Infrastructure Act: Attack on Private Ownership Rights: Part 2

In Part 2, the impact of the Infrastructure Act on the treatment of land and the Acts impact on proprietary rights is compared with foreign legal systems.

Infrastructure Act: Attack on Private Ownership Rights: Part 1

The passing of the Infrastructure Act may benefit energy companies, but this may come at a cost and threaten the long held rights of land owners.

HSBC Tax Scandal Causes Conflict in the House of Commons

The recent tax scandal involving HSBC, the second-largest bank in the world, and the largest bank in

The Real “Enemy Within”: How Judicial Independence Was Compromised During the Miners’ Strike.

The British people enjoy a world-class legal system. The “Rule of Law” and access to justice are rig

Scottish Independence: Tearing up the Constitution

Rebecca Stinson considers what the public law ramifications would have been if Scotland were to have become an independent nation.

The Myth of Legislative Supremacy

Rebecca Stinson takes a look at the role of Parliament and to what extent theories surrounding the concept of legislative supremacy translate into reality.

The Irish Parole Process: What Lies Beyond the Veil?

Suzanne Scott discusses the Irish prison system and the disparities between the parole process in the UK and in Ireland. She further discusses the role of Ireland’s Parole Board, the extent of their success and the influence of the EU.