Judicial Precedent in Judicial Practice

Mahesh Nanwani explains the doctrine of precedent and looks at the methods by which judges can make and amend the law.

Changes to the Public Access Rules

Rebecca Broadbent explains the changes to the rules under which barristers may accept instructions directly from the public, which were announced at the start of this month.

Bates, Greats & Legal Aid Rates

Barrister Mark Harries offers an amusing insight into what challenges Sir Edward Marshall Hall KC may face in todays criminal justice system.

Alternative Business Structures: A Monumental Shift in the Legal Landscape

Prashant Sagar evaluates Alternative Business Structures and their potential effect on the legal industry.

Self-Help Websites: Is This Goodbye For Lawyers?

Liz Garlick asks whether new self-help websites spell the end for traditional lawyers.

New (and Tougher) Contractual Terms between Barristers & Solicitors

Hemal Vyas looks at whether new plans proposed by the Bar Council could lead to a flurry of litigation between barristers and solicitors.

Lights, Camera, Sentencing

Abigail O’Reilly asks if televising judicial sentencing is a good thing.