The Real “Enemy Within”: How Judicial Independence Was Compromised During the Miners’ Strike.

The British people enjoy a world-class legal system. The “Rule of Law” and access to justice are rig

Human Rights: A British Invention

Natalia Gale takes a look at the history of Human Rights in the UK and warns the Tories of the adverse effects their “Human Rights Policy” may bring about. The area of Human Rights is political, but it should not be compromised by short-term politics.

Removing Regulatory Red Tape? The Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Act 2013

On the 25th April 2013, after receiving Royal Assent, The Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Act 2013

Last Greatest Freedom – Assisted Dying Bill

In this article, Suk Chyi Khoo looks at the Assisted Dying Bill and the controversy such a Bill has caused. She looks at the arguments surrounding the Bill, the status of it and what it means for the status of the law on assisted dying.

Pope Francis and LGBT rights

Teoh Soo Shin predicts a positive change in LGBT rights after Pope Francis has made public statement in support and recognition of LGBT community.

Qualcomm moves to the UK

Andrew Sanger explores the attempt by Qualcomm, a mobile phone chip manufacturer, to break into the European market, namely the United Kingdom. Andrew looks at how Qualcomm is aiming to establish a foot in the market. He also looks at the different law firms that have been involved in the process.

The Apprentice – Two Lawyers Go Head to Head

Lisa Herring looks at the two solicitor candidates competing in The Apprentice. Lisa looks at the background of the two candidates, what they have (or have not) brought to the show and what the future holds. This article is a must read for the low-down on the two solicitors in The Apprentice.

Scottish Independence: Tearing up the Constitution

Rebecca Stinson considers what the public law ramifications would have been if Scotland were to have become an independent nation.

Are the Recent Changes to Flexible Working Legislation Too Harsh on Employers?

Iona Wilson discusses the recent changes to flexible working hours. Iona explores the problems facing companies, why the legislation has been changed and what this means for employees and the companies who offer flexible working hours. Iona also looks at how the changes affect both large and small businesses.

The Myth of Legislative Supremacy

Rebecca Stinson takes a look at the role of Parliament and to what extent theories surrounding the concept of legislative supremacy translate into reality.