Law and Journalism Featuring Joshua Rozenberg

Natalie Williams discusses the field of law and journalism, examining the illustrious career of Joshua Rozenberg, and the problems both print and online journalism face in the modern industry.

What Does The Future Hold For Ritual Slaughter?

A recent investigation into the treatment of animals at a number of different abattoirs that produce

Infrastructure Act: Attack on Private Ownership Rights: Part 2

In Part 2, the impact of the Infrastructure Act on the treatment of land and the Acts impact on proprietary rights is compared with foreign legal systems.

Infrastructure Act: Attack on Private Ownership Rights: Part 1

The passing of the Infrastructure Act may benefit energy companies, but this may come at a cost and threaten the long held rights of land owners.

HSBC Tax Scandal Causes Conflict in the House of Commons

The recent tax scandal involving HSBC, the second-largest bank in the world, and the largest bank in

The Birthday Party Invoice

Nathan Gore provides provides an amazing story how invitation to a birthday party can amount to the offer, which once accepted, is binding on the invitee and can lead to the small claims court, if not paid in full.

Cyberbullying- Should UK Criminal Law Hold Trolls and Cyberbullies to Account? 

Aoife McDonough takes a look at the UK and EU approach to regulation of cyberbullying and internet trolling. Aiofe critically evaluates current Parliament’s position in relation to this issue by looking at Criminal Justice and Courts Bill 2014-2015 and draws some recommendations on what should be done.

Drone Flying: The Legal Implications For Consumers

The article explores the fears surrounding the recent widespread use of drones, as well as talks about the attempts by various authorities to limit the consequences of reckless use.

Is The War on Drugs Lost?

Is the UK’s current War on Drugs really the right policy to counter the harm of drug usage, or is it simply a numbers game aiming to satisfy voters.

Debbie Purdy – Right to Die Campaigner’s Final Battle

In this tribute to a fearless campaigner, Nathan Akhavan-Moossavi looks at the tragic death of right-to-die campaigner Debbie Purdy. Nathan explores the issues surrounding her campaign, her victory in the courts against the UK government and what Purdy herself thinks about her cause.