Why and How the European Commission Picked the Apple

Everybody’s Doing It! It’s been over a month since the bombshell dropped and many are still in the d

NPBW 2015: Pro Bono Societies – A Student Effort

In our final article of the week, Liam Lambert explains his involvement in a pro bono project at Dur

NPBW2015: Volunteering in a University Law Clinic

The third article in our series on pro bono is by Zachary Seow who discusses his experience in the l

Assisted Dying – Right Time, Wrong Bill?

The 12th September 2015 saw the debate and subsequent rejection of Labour MP Rob Marris’ Assisted Dy

Masters of Law – Why it has become as popular as the LPC?

Josie McMaster explains why in recent year the popularity of the LLM has risen significantly. With postgrads choosing it instead of, or as well as the LPC.

Law and Journalism Featuring Joshua Rozenberg

Natalie Williams discusses the field of law and journalism, examining the illustrious career of Joshua Rozenberg, and the problems both print and online journalism face in the modern industry.

What Does The Future Hold For Ritual Slaughter?

A recent investigation into the treatment of animals at a number of different abattoirs that produce

Infrastructure Act: Attack on Private Ownership Rights: Part 2

In Part 2, the impact of the Infrastructure Act on the treatment of land and the Acts impact on proprietary rights is compared with foreign legal systems.

Infrastructure Act: Attack on Private Ownership Rights: Part 1

The passing of the Infrastructure Act may benefit energy companies, but this may come at a cost and threaten the long held rights of land owners.

HSBC Tax Scandal Causes Conflict in the House of Commons

The recent tax scandal involving HSBC, the second-largest bank in the world, and the largest bank in