Missing Persons: A Campaign for Change

Kate Gaskell looks at the ‘convoluted and cumbersome’ law surrounding missing persons.

Secret Trials and Special Advocates: The Dangers of Moving from the Last Resort

Paul Livingston explains why the Justice and Security Green Paper should have been accompanied by red flashing lights.

The Importance of Social Media Sites

Lauren Perkins argues for social networking in the light of David Cameron’s post-riot comments.

Same Difference: Extradition & Babar Ahmad

Nazmin Akthar comments on the Extradition Act 2003 and the cases of two men facing extradition to the U.S.

Facebook and the Younger Generation

Are the Facebook policies surrounding age being properly enforced and are we doing enough to ensure young children are not being exposed to the bad side of the internet?

Justice for the People of Libya

Harry Langford believes that Colonel Gaddafi should be tried in a court of law when captured. Here, he explains why.

Riots? What Riots?

Stu Elwell asks whether the recent public order issues around the UK can be correctly described as ‘riots’.