The Current Law on Intermediary Liability in Light of the EU GDPR

Even before opening a newspaper, you know that you can expect to see the following on the front page

The Kavanaugh confirmation hearing; beyond the allegations

The impartiality of the Supreme Court has been questioned, particularly following the recent hearing for the now confirmed Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh.

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Dr. Christopher W. Smithmyer & Remi Alli, JD, based in the USA, tackle the question of whether or not a degree is actually worth it.

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The recent Supreme Court appointments marked a significant step towards a more diverse selection of

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With the number of celebrity deaths continuing to rise and a number of events causing anxiety throug

Stupid Things You Can Say and Still Become President

On November 9th 2016, Donald Trump became the 45th President-elect of the United States of America.

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On 28th October 2016, Joe Docherty from The Student Lawyer interviewed human rights advocate and bar

Why and How the European Commission Picked the Apple

Everybody’s Doing It! It’s been over a month since the bombshell dropped and many are still in the d

NPBW 2015: Pro Bono Societies – A Student Effort

In our final article of the week, Liam Lambert explains his involvement in a pro bono project at Dur