Legal methods for responding to animal cruelty

Cruelty to an animal, or mistreatment of an animal, is the act of a human being causing an animal, to be subjected to an act intended to cause it harm.

Review: Is the Pomodoro Technique Really Helpful for Productivity ?

As a full-organized (future) lawyer, this review could help you to know how to manage your time perfectly with a new more focus and creative brain.

Living at home during university – benefits, and drawbacks.

Starting university is often overwhelming – accompanied by a flurry of emotions and changes in a lif

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Student Lawyer Alv Grasun reviews the latest notebooks released by Rama Publishing, and finds them to be rather helpeful…

Top 5 Legal Movies for the Student Lawyer

Tilly Grandage reviews the top five legal movies that highlight how the criminal justice system works and those who participate within its many constructs.

TSL Reviews: Land Law by Louise Glover & Kate Campbell-Pilling

Student Lawyer Alv Grasun reviews ‘Land Law’ by Louise Glover & Kate Campbell- Pilling, describing it as “A very comprehensive and structured approached finally sheds some light on the sometimes dreaded module of Land Law.”

What to Do with Your Law Degree If a Career In Law Doesn’t Appeal

Nelson Mandela, Andrea Bocelli, and Barack Obama are just three famous people who studied law without dedicating themselves to this profession. In the UK, around 17,855 were accepted to Law courses in the 2016-2017 period, with 67.5% of students comprising women and 32.5% men. Far less students are admitted to the roll.

7 Ways To Get the Most Out of Living In London as a Student On a Budget

In this article, we are going to look at 7 of the best ways you can save money while getting the most out of your experience as a student in London.

Legal Routes: USA Real Estate

Since 2014, there have been a staggering 35,000 cases related to loan fraud and real estate scams. Despite the massive efforts to take initiative and raise awareness, homeowners are still becoming victims – losing an average of $1,500 per scheme. That is where real estate attorneys come in.

Can a UK University Leaver Pay Back Law School Loans?

England has the highest student debts in the developed world thanks to a formidable combination of high tuition fees, rising interest rates whilst studying and maintenance grants scrapped in favour of loans.