Why Does the Sea Matter?

Cristine Christodoulou discusses certain matters concerning the law of the sea and its customary use, and the rights of sovereign states to various parts of the sea.

The Right of Sovereign Equality

Cristine Christodoulou discusses the importance of a recognised sovereign state and the privileged principle of sovereign equality.

States Threaten to Send Federal Agents to Jail Over Gun Control

Before President Obama had even announced his proposals on gun control this week, states were already moving to criminalise those who enforced them.

Bush v Gore – A Damaged Reputation?

Liam Draper considers whether the United States Supreme Court’s reputation was damaged as a result of Bush v Gore.

Stolen Valour and Free Speech

Liam Draper discusses the recent US Supreme Court decision United States v. Alvarez where the Stolen Valor Act was ruled unconstitutional.

The Legacy of 9/11: A Historical Look

Liam Draper asks what legacy September 11th has left and how best to get justice for the victims.

A Very American Problem – Part 2

As the dust settles on the ruling of the Supreme Court of the United States of America on the Affordable Care Act, Siobhan Kinealy analyses the decision.

A Very American Problem – Part 1

Siobhan Kinealy analyses the prior constitutional decisions that will influence the ruling of the US Supreme Court on the Affordable Healthcare Act.

Children are Different; Birmingham City University is Different

Liam Draper looks at the recent Supreme Court of the United States decision Miller v. Alabama and recounts his experiences at Birmingham City University in the preparation of the Amnesty International brief.

The Legal Basis for Intervention in Syria

Harry Langford looks at the legal basis for foreign intervention in the Syrian conflict.