War Crimes: Blood Diamonds in Sierra Leone

Maud Kadye discusses the war crimes committed in Sierra Leone’s civil war over blood diamonds and the consequent trial of Charles Taylor, former president of Liberia.

FGM: Interview with Dexter Dias QC

Shannon Revel interviews Garden Court Chambers’ Dexter Dias QC about his research into the issue of female genital mutilation and his campaign for raising awareness about this crime.

Child Soldiers: Prosecution in the ICC

Maud Kadye looks at the case of The Prosecutor v Thomas Lubanga Dyilo – the first conviction in the International Criminal Court.

The Everyday Sexism Project: Role of the Police

Shannon Revel takes a look at the Everyday Sexism Project and the impact it is currently having. She also discusses how to get involved, and possibly, how it could eventually bring about social change.

War Crime: Why Did Idi Amin Never Face Trial?

Maud Kadye examines the atrocities committed during Idi Amin’s regime in Uganda and the International Criminal Court’s failure to prosecute him.

Death Row: The Case of Herman Wallace

Maud Kadye looks in detail at the case of Herman Wallace, who was released on the 1st October 2013 after his conviction in 1972 for murder was overturned.

India: Sexual Violence and Safety of Women

Fiona Todd discusses the 2012 Delhi rape incident and the shift of the spotlight onto the protection of India’s female population, evaluating the Indian Government’s legal response to the incident.

Introduction to the Arms Trade Treaty 2013

Maud Kadye gives us an overview of the Arms Trade Treaty 2013 and looks at the problems of implementing such a treaty.

Nairobi Attacks: Kenya’s Anti-Terrorism Laws

Maud Kadye examines the recent Nairobi Westgate Mall siege and Kenya’s domestic legislation on terrorism embodied in ‘The Prevention of Terrorism Act 2012’.

Revenge Porn: A Californian Law for the UK?

Karina Rooney looks at the reasoning behind California’s proposed revenge porn bill and questions whether or not the UK should introduce something similar.