Fourth in the Guantánamo Bay Series: The Human Rights Issues

Maud Kadye fourth article from the Guantánamo Bay series discusses the human rights issues that have surrounded the camp since 2002.

Closing Guantánamo Bay

Maud Kadye looks at the debate surrounding the proposed closure of Guantánamo Bay.

The UK and The CISG

Rosie Penny looks at the general concerns with the Vienna convention on the CISG and the legal difficulties it faces. Additionally the fears the UK has about it.

A Year after the Delhi Gang Rape

Nishi Sumaria looks at the horrific Delhi gang rape case while assessing what change has been brought since the event

Second in the Guantánamo Bay Series: Guantánamo Bay is Legal by International Humanitarian Law

Maud Kadye discusses Guantánamo Bay in more depth and looks at its legal status with reference to International Humanitarian Law.

Strategies that Law Firms Should Consider Executing to Meet the Demands of Emerging Markets

Aminata Salla takes a look at emerging markets across the globe and how international law firms can take best advantage of these investment opportunities.

Guantánamo Bay Series: Introduction

Maud Kadye begins the Guantánamo Bay Series by taking a look at the history and controversy surrounding the continued operation of the camp since 2002.

Top Human Rights Headlines of 2013

Maud Kadye takes an interesting look at the most interesting Human Rights stories from the past year and their implication for the future.

Litigious Societies: A Comparison between the UK and the US

Emily Townsend discusses both the merits and problems with a litigation culture in society, and examines the positions of the UK and US.

Overview of the Law on War Crimes

Maud Kadye gives us a brief history of war crimes and what they entail, while also giving us from contemporary examples of accusations of such horrific crimes.